Shark Attack off Plymouth Coast

So after the Sharks managed to get dry after the opening games in Cardiff, the next set of fixtures for the 2012 BAFA Flag Season were quickly upon us, the destination Plymouth.

The Sharks set off at an ungodly hour with 9 players, 4 of which were rookies. The fixtures ahead were going to be tough.

The opening game was to be the Chichester Sharks taking on the new Plymouth Pirates team. Chichester won the toss and started the day on offense, with Neil Henderson leading the Sharks to a very quick start against the rookie Plymouth defense with multiple touchdown throws to Mike Thompson.

The Sharks defense were to close to locking down the fledgling offense of Plymouth and Justin Handley made the Pirates QB’s life hell as he intercepted 4 passes, 2 of which he ran back for TDs. The Pirates did finally manage to get into the endzone after putting together some very good drives and improved solidly throughout the day.

Final Score : Chichester 63 – 6 Plymouth

The Sharks next game was against the undefeated Basingstoke Zombie Horde. This was set to be a tough matchup, as Horde and the Sharks are very evenly matched on both sides of the ball.

The game started off at a reasonably slow pace with possession going back and forth in the first few drives, until the Horde managed to find an opening and scored a couple of quick touchdowns back to back.

The Sharks defense was being pushing back again toward their own endzone and were looking likely to go 3 scores down, but luckily the Horde QB made an error and underthrew a pass which was intercepted by rookie Ed Acton. This looked likely to go all the way back for a TD, but there was a heavy collision between Acton and the Horde QB. The Sharks finished the half with no points on the board and were upset with the way they had played.

The Sharks started slow again in the 2nd half and went two quick scores down, this fired the team up and they put two quick scores up themselves and had the Horde defense on the back foot. Unfortunately the clock was against the Sharks and time ran down – a painful loss, but a strong finish to establish the right mindset for the next difficult game.

Final Score : Chichester 14 – 34 Basingstoke

In the last game of the day for the Sharks they would go up against the very good South Wales Warriors.

The game started evenly and there were quick scores for each team, but Sharks player Tomas ‘Beast’ Geciauskas made his presence felt on the O and the D and the Sharks soon took a good lead.

In the 2nd half Sharks defense came out swinging with Toby ‘Primetime’ Chopra getting a pick which helped put the game away. The final whistle went and a long day of games had finally come to an end.

Final Score : Chichester 48 – 18 South Wales

There was only one more obstacle to overcome, that was finding Maccy D’s on the way home – and in the spirit of the day, after a few wrong turns, we eventually were victorious.

– Ed Acton


  • Sharks now move to 4-2 on the season
  • Mike Thompson scored 10 touchdowns on the day – 5 times each in 2 games – new Sharks records.
  • Justin Handley had 4 interceptions, 2 for scores

Photo by Kymie Walker. More on our facebook page

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