In April 2008 a new British flag league kicked off and the Chichester Sharks were proud to be part of this history. For the first time, flag football was part of the official British American Football Association and being played across borders in England and Scotland.

In our first year in the league, the Chichester Sharks played outstanding football – racking up the highest number of points (425) in the English Conference, as well as fielding one of the stingiest defences (202 pts).

We finished with a record of 11-3, falling just short of the play-offs following 2 painful losses on the last day of the season.

The first British Champions were the Kirkcaldy Bulls, who beat the Carluke Cobras 48-13 in the final. The Bulls historic victory came on the heels of an unbeaten 16-0 season.

In 2010, under the new banner of the British American Football Association Community League (BAFACL), the South Conference was very competitive with several teams battling for the 3 playoffs spots. New team, Woodham Warriors surprised everyone by running away with the conference title. Chichester and London were the other two teams to snare playoff spots.

Our first trip to a BAFA playoff didn’t go to plan as we lost to the London Rebels in the first round. The Rebels went on to face the Kirkcaldy Bulls in the final. In a rather one-sided affair the Bulls romped to yet another title, concluding yet another unbeaten season.

We have played every season since and remain one of only 4 teams, and the only in England or Wales to compete every year since the BAFA Leagues were formed in 2008.

In 2022 we had two teams in the BAFA league for the first time. Our A team played in the South West Premiership (Played 12, won 5 and lost 7) while the B team played in Southern Division 1 East (Played 17, won 6, lost 11).

Chichester Sharks A

Chichester Sharks A 2022 Fixtures & Results (Southwest Premiership)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
8th MayChichester Sharks38vs24Weston SupersWChichester
8th MayChichester Sharks34vs18Coventry CougarsWChichester
8th MayChichester Sharks12vs41Cardiff HurricancesLChichester
22nd MayChichester Sharks30vs39Northants TitansLWeston-super-Mare
22nd MayChichester Sharks6vs54Cardiff HurricanesLWeston-super-Mare
2nd JulyChichester Sharks36vs20Aylesbury Vale SpartansWCoventry
2nd JulyChichester Sharks18vs7Victoria Park PanthersWCoventry
24th JulyChichester Sharks12vs19Weston SupersLCardiff
24th JulyChichester Sharks12vs37Northants TitansLCardiff
24th JulyChichester Sharks14vs19Coventry CougarsLCardiff
20th AugustChichester Sharks40vs34London RebelsWLondon
20th AugustChichester Sharks18vs58London SmokeLLondon

2022 Southwest Premiership Standings

Position PWLDFA+/-%
1Cardiff Hurricanes1212005211493721.000
2Northants Titans128403882141740.667
3Coventry Cougars12660307387-800.500
4Chichester Sharks12570270370-1000.417
5Weston Supers12291185378-1930.208

Chichester Sharks B

Chichester Sharks B 2022 Fixtures & Results (Southern Division 1 East)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
26th MarchChichester Sharks B28vs24Berkshire RenegadesWSlough
26th MarchChichester Sharks B0vs34Buckinghamshire WolvesLSlough
26th MarchChichester Sharks B35vs24Waveney WolvesWSlough
7th MayChichester Sharks B27vs26Salisbury City MaraudersWReading
7th MayChichester Sharks B46vs7Solent Red StormWReading
22nd MayChichester Sharks B20vs55Reading DevilsLChichester
22nd MayChichester Sharks B14vs74London FlashLChichester
22nd MayChichester Sharks B56vs44Waveney WolvesWChichester
12th JuneChichester Sharks B0vs54Gwent GatorsLKeynsham
12th JuneChichester Sharks B0vs58Exeter FalconsLKeynsham
12th JuneChichester Sharks B19vs33Cardiff Bay CoyotesLKeynsham
2nd JulyChichester Sharks B1vs0Berkshire RenegadesWLondon
2nd JulyChichester Sharks B0vs54Buckinghamshire WolvesLLondon
24th JulyChichester Sharks B20vs50Keynsham KingsLSouthampton
24th JulyChichester Sharks B26vs54Swansea HammerheadsLSouthampton
20th AugustChichester Sharks B6vs61Reading DevilsLLowestoft
20th AugustChichester Sharks B6vs45London FlashLLowestoft

2022 Southern Division 1 East Standings

Position PWLDFA+/-%
1London Flash1716106862144720.941
2Reading Devils1716108472236240.941
3Buckinghamshire Wolves1712505492512980.706
4Chichester Sharks B176110301700-3990.353
5Waveney Wolves173140264702-4380.176
6Berkshire Renegades171160161560-3990.059

The results from 2021 playing in SWC (Premier and Division 1 merged due to ongoing COVID situation and there were no regional or national playoffss (Played 8, won 8)

Sharks 2021 Fixtures & Results (SWC)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
23rd MayChichester Sharks35vs31Weston SupersWChichester
23rd MayChichester Sharks76vs22Cheltenham NeptunesWChichester
19th JuneChichester Sharks48vs18Reading DevilsWIsle of Wight
19th JuneChichester Sharks58vs12Wight Hell HoundsWIsle of Wight
4th JulyChichester Sharks52vs12Keynsham KingsWChichester
4th JulyChichester Sharks46vs13Exeter FalconsWChichester
31st JulyChichester Sharks64vs6Berkshire RenegadesWExeter
31st JulyChichester Sharks80vs19Exeter Falcons GreenWExeter

2021 SWC Standings

Position PWDLFA+/-%
1Chichester Sharks88004591333261.000
2Reading Devils86023101841260.750
3Cheltenham Neptunes8602252225270.750
4Weston Supers8503261203580.625
5Keynsham Kings8503156203-470.625
6Exteter Falcons8206195259-640.250
7Berkshire Renegades8206151309-1580.250
8Exeter Falcons Green8206101265-1640.250
9Wight Hell Hounds800866170-1040.000

There was no BAFA league in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.

The results from 2019 playing in SWC-B League 1 (Played 16, won 11, lost 5)

Sharks 2019 Fixtures & Results (SWC-B League 1)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
14th AprilChichester Sharks72vs15Wight Hell HoundsWMarlow, Bucks.
14th AprilChichester Sharks61vs6Buckinghamshire Wolves 2'sWMarlow, Bucks.
14th AprilChichester Sharks14vs13Reading KnightsWMarlow, Bucks.
28th AprilChichester Sharks55vs40Buckinghamshire Wolves 2'sWChichester
28th AprilChichester Sharks13vs19Southern ReapersLChichester
18th MayChichester Sharks45vs32Swindon StormWReading
18th MayChichester Sharks31vs34Gwent GatorsLReading
18th MayChichester Sharks42vs20Swansea HammerheadsWReading
9th JuneChichester Sharks31vs40Buckinghamshire WolvesLMarlow, Bucks.
9th JuneChichester Sharks26vs80Southern ReapersLMarlow, Bucks.
9th JuneChichester Sharks27vs33Wight Hell HoundsLMarlow, Bucks.
29th JuneChichester Sharks52vs42Reading KnightsWIsle of Wight
29th JuneChichester Sharks33vs28Buckinghamshire WolvesWIsle of Wight
20th JulyChichester Sharks37vs27Weston SupersWWeston-super-Mare
20th JulyChichester Sharks30vs0Exeter FalconsWWeston-super-Mare
20th JulyChichester Sharks39vs6Plymouth WolverinesWWeston-super-Mare

2019 SWC-B League 1 standings

Position PWDLFA+/-%
1Southern Reapers1614117432574860.906
2Buckinghamshire Wolves1612046253183070.750
3Reading Knights1612046683383300.750
4Chichester Sharks1611056084351730.688
5Wight Hell Hounds164012359636-2770.250
6Buckinghamshire Wolves 2's162113231662-4310.156

Finishing in 4th place in the division we qualified for national plate finals day in Manchester where we first faced the Oldham Owls winning 24-21 in the quarter final. A 40-28 win against the Newcastle Blackhawks in the semi-final would see us face our local rivals the Reading Knights in the final. A back and fore game would see the Sharks victorious with 45-42 for our first national title in more than a decade.

The results from 2018 (Played 14, won 1, tied 1, lost 12):

Finishing in 5th placed in the division meant we faced a playoff against the Northants Titans White to retain our Premier division status but unfortunately lost this 20-13 (16th September, Manchester)

Sharks 2018 Fixtures & Results (SEC Premier Division)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 15th AprilChichester Sharks6vs33Baker St ButtonhookersLReading
Sun 15th AprilChichester Sharks26vs47London RebelsLReading
Sat 5th MayChichester Sharks31vs40Reading LionsLReading
Sat 5th MayChichester Sharks0vs52Victoria Park PanthersLReading
Sat 5th MayChichester Sharks12vs54Baker St ButtonhookersLReading
Sat 26th MayChichester Sharks37vs47Birmingham LionsLBirmingham
Sat 26th MayChichester Sharks32vs73Cardiff HurricanesLBirmingham
Sat 26th MayChichester Sharks51vs39Coventry CougarsWBirmingham
Sun 24th JuneChichester Sharks18vs46Aylesbury Vale SpartansLReading
Sun 24th JuneChichester Sharks25vs40Northants Titans BlueLReading
Sun 24th JuneChichester Sharks26vs26Northants PhantomsTReading
Sat 14th JulyChichester Sharks26vs52London RebelsLReading
Sat 14th JulyChichester Sharks25vs52Victoria Park PanthersWReading
Sat 14th JulyChichester Sharks30vs42Reading LionsLReading

The results from 2017:

Sharks 2017 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 16th AprilChichester Sharks1vs0Reading LionsWChichester
Sun 16th AprilChichester Sharks34vs32Reading KnightsWChichester
Sun 16th AprilChichester Sharks38vs27Solent ThrashersWChichester
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks32vs25West Essex ShowboatsWAylesbury
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks25vs33Victoria Park PanthersLAylesbury
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks40vs12Aylesbury SpartansWAylesbury
Sun 21st MayChichester Sharks39vs66Baker St ButtonhookersLLondon
Sun 21st MayChichester Sharks47vs14Ware Wolves
Sun 21st MayChichester Sharks26vs48London RebelsLLondon
Sat 24th JuneChichester Sharks39vs27Reading KnightsWReading
Sat 24th JuneChichester Sharks45vs52Reading LionsLReading
Sat 24th JuneChichester Sharks41vs12Solent ThrashersWReading
Sun 16th July
Chichester Sharks1vs0Hackney CougarsWAndover
Sun 16th JulyChichester Sharks1vs0Bedford BlackhawksWAndover

The results from 2016:

Sharks 2016 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sat 9th AprilChichester Sharks27vs48Reading LionsLChichester
Sat 9th AprilChichester Sharks26vs20London BarracudaWChichester
Sat 7th MayChichester Sharks7vs53London RebelsLReading
Sat 7th MayChichester Sharks14vs40Reading LionsLReading
Sat 28th MayChichester Sharks37vs48West EssexLWest Essex
Sat 28th MayChichester Sharks40vs12London BarracudaWWest Essex
Sun 12th JuneChichester Sharks42vs0London RebelsLSolent
Sat 18th JuneChichester Sharks29vs22Solent
Sat 18th JuneChichester Sharks27vs19Reading KnightsWSolent
Sun 3rd JulyChichester Sharks39vs38AylesburyWBedford
Sun 3rd JulyChichester Sharks46vs46BedfordTBedford
Sun 3rd JulyChichester Sharks1vs0Bishop's StortfordWBedford
Sat 16th July
Chichester Sharks40vs29SolentWLondon
Sat 16th JulyChichester Sharks33vs27Reading KnightsWLondon
Sat 30th JulyChichester Sharks60vs46WareWLondon
Sat 30th JulyChichester Sharks25vs49Victoria ParkLLondon

The results from 2015:

Sharks 2015 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sat 18th AprilChichester Sharks32vs26London RebelsWLondon (Wanstead)
Sat 18th AprilChichester Sharks32vs39Reading (1)LLondon (Wanstead)
Sat 18th AprilChichester Sharks27vs13Victoria ParkWLondon (Wanstead)
Sun 10th MayChichester Sharks20vs34Reading (1)LChichester
Sun 10th MayChichester Sharks0vs48London RebelsLChichester
Sun 10th MayChichester Sharks59vs12London BarracudaWChichester
Sun 24th MayChichester Sharks44vs47West EssexLWestcliff
Sun 24th MayChichester Sharks60vs27WestcliffWWestcliff
Sun 5th JulyChichester Sharks6vs34Victoria ParkLLondon (Wanstead)
Sun 5th JulyChichester Sharks57vs13London BarracudaWLondon (Wanstead)
Sat 15th AugChichester Sharks62vs13WareWReading
Sat 15th AugChichester Sharks58vs7Reading (2)WReading
Sat 15th AugChichester Sharks20vs6AylesburyWReading

The results from 2014:

Sharks 2014 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sat 17th MayChichester Sharks32vs46London RebelsLLondon (Wanstead)
Sat 17th MayChichester Sharks45vs13Victoria Park PanthersWLondon (Wanstead)
Sun 25th MayChichester Sharks26vs25Reading lionsWChichester
Sun 25th MayChichester Sharks33vs6Westcliff StormWChichester
Sun 25th MayChichester Sharks33vs14Victoria Park PanthersWChichester
Sat 7th JuneChichester Sharks67vs0Aylesbury SpartansWChichester
Sat 7th JuneChichester Sharks54vs0Northants PhantomsWChichester
Sat 7th JuneChichester Sharks41vs0Northants TitansWChichester
Sat 28th JuneChichester Sharks1vs0London BlitzWReading
Sun 27th JulyChichester Sharks18vs34Reading LionsLLondon (Wanstead)
Sun 27th JulyChichester Sharks27vs25West Essex ShowboatsWLondon (Wanstead)
Sun 27th JulyChichester Sharks33vs21Ware WolvesWLondon (Wanstead)
Sat 9th AugChichester Sharks62vs0London BlitzWLondon (Finsbury Park)
Sat 9th AugChichester Sharks46vs12Westcliff StormWLondon (Finsbury Park)
Sat 9th AugChichester Sharks19vs44London RebelsLLondon (Finsbury Park)

The results from 2013:

Sharks 2013 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 19th MayChichester Sharks20vs21London RebelsLLondon
Sun 19th MayChichester Sharks25vs21Cardiff HurricanesWLondon
Sun 23rd JuneChichester Sharks66vs6Plymouth ExtremeWBasingstoke
Sun 23rd JuneChichester Sharks61vs0Basingstoke HordeWBasingstoke
Sun 23rd JuneChichester Sharks47vs13Hackney CougarsWBasingstoke
Sat 13th JulyChichester Sharks54vs7Plymouth ExtremeWPlymouth
Sat 13th JulyChichester Sharks15vs33London RebelsLPlymouth
Sun 1st SeptChichester Sharks77vs0Hackney CougarsWChichester
Sun 1st SeptChichester Sharks33vs38Cardiff HurricanesLChichester
Sun 1st SeptChichester Sharks66vs27Basingstoke HordeWChichester

The final 2012 standings:

Sharks 2012 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 29th AprilChichester Sharks25vs26Basingstoke HordeLCardiff
Sun 29th AprilChichester Sharks32vs30South Wales WarriorsWCardiff
Sun 29th AprilChichester Sharks1vs0Plymouth PiratesWCardiff
Sun 20th MayChichester Sharks63vs6Plymouth PiratesWPlymouth
Sun 20th MayChichester Sharks14vs34Basingstoke HordeLPlymouth
Sun 20th MayChichester Sharks48vs18South Wales WarriorsWPlymouth
Sat 16th JuneChichester Sharks12vs20Woodham WarriorsLCoventry
Sat 16th JuneChichester Sharks12vs6Steel City KnightsWCoventry
Sun 24th JuneChichester Sharks66vs18Aylesbury SpartansWBasingstoke
Sun 24th JuneChichester Sharks48vs0Leicester EaglesWBasingstoke
Sun 24th JuneChichester Sharks54vs13Coventry JetsWBasingstoke
Sun 22nd JulyChichester Sharks32vs40London RebelsLChichester
Sun 22nd JulyChichester Sharks1vs0London BlitzWChichester
Sun 22nd JulyChichester Sharks46vs0Essex ShowboatsWChichester

The final 2011 standings:

Sharks 2011 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sat 2nd AprilChichester Sharks40vs40London RebelsTLuton
Sun 17th AprilChichester Sharks53vs31Basingstoke Zombie HordeWCardiff
Sun 17th AprilChichester Sharks25vs48South Wales WarriorsLCardiff
Sat 4th JuneChichester Sharks33vs0Leicester EaglesWCoventry
Sat 4th JuneChichester Sharks38vs40Woodham WarriorsLCoventry
Sun 26th JuneChichester Sharks27vs53Coventry JetsLLondon
Sun 26th JuneChichester Sharks14vs40London RebelsLLondon
Sun 24th JulyChichester Sharks46vs12Coventry JetsWCoventry
Sun 24th JulyChichester Sharks25vs20Woodham WarriorsWCoventry
Sun 28st AugChichester Sharks33vs7South Wales WarriorsWChichester
Sun 28th AugChichester Sharks47vs13Leicester EaglesWChichester
Sun 28th AugChichester Sharks35vs7Basingstoke Zombie HordeWChichester

The final 2010 standings:

BAFA Flag South Conference 2010

Woodham Warriors (White)1412024792790.857
London Rebels149053612850.643
Chichester Sharks149053873040.643
South Wales Warriors148063522560.571
Basingstoke Zombie Horde148064154170.571
Woodham Warriors (Black)1440103554040.286
Leicester Eagles1440101532890.286
Coventry Jets1420122144820.143

The results from 2010:

Sharks 2010 Fixtures & Results

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 30th MayChichester Sharks20vs21Woodham Warriors (White)LLeicester
Sun 30th MayChichester Sharks7vs12Leicester EaglesLLeicester
Sun 6th JuneChichester Sharks36vs33Basingstoke Zombie HordeWBasingstoke
Sun 6th JuneChichester Sharks34vs24London RebelsWBasingstoke
Sun 13th JuneChichester Sharks31vs20Woodham Warriors (Black)WCoventry
Sun 20th JuneChichester Sharks18vs26Woodham Warriors (White)LCoventry
Sun 20th JuneChichester Sharks31vs13South Wales WarriorsWLeic/Cov
Sun 20th JuneChichester Sharks27vs13Woodham Warriors (Black)WLeic/Cov
Sun 27th JuneChichester Sharks32vs13Coventry JetsWCoventry
Sun 27th JuneChichester Sharks33vs32South Wales WarriorsWCoventry
Sun 1st AugustChichester Sharks32vs38Basingstoke Zombie HordeLChichester
Sun 1st AugustChichester Sharks35vs52London RebelsLChichester
Sun 5th SeptChichester Sharks50vs7Coventry JetsWChichester
Sun 5th SeptChichester Sharks1vs0Leicester EaglesWChichester

The final 2009 standings:

BAFL Flag '09 - English Conference

Leicester Eagles141400462157+3051.000
Chichester Sharks141130395208+1870.790
London Rebels141130368228+1400.790
Coventry Jets14770350319+310.500
South Wales Warriors14581257367-1100.390
Hampshire Thrashers143101192272-800.250
St. Albans Kings143110259537-2780.210
Kent Exiles14014056251-1950.000

The results from 2009:

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 31st MayChichester Sharks31vs14London RebelsWChichester
Sun 31st MayChichester Sharks13vs42Leicester EaglesLChichester
Sun 14th JuneChichester Sharks27vs12Hampshire ThrashersWSt. Albans
Sun 14th JuneChichester Sharks41vs13St. Albans KingsWSt. Albans
Sun 19th JulyChichester Sharks32vs13South Wales WarriorsWCardiff
Sun 19th JulyChichester Sharks25vs31Leicester EaglesLCardiff
Sun 26th JulyChichester Sharks46vs13South Wales WarriorsWWinchester
Sun 26th JulyChichester SharksFvsFKent ExilesWWinchester
Sat 1st AugChichester Sharks26vs7Coventry JetsWLondon
Sat 1st AugChichester Sharks13vs26London RebelsLLondon
Sat 8th AugChichester Sharks61vs13Coventry JetsWChichester
Sat 8th AugChichester Sharks18vs12Hampshire ThrashersWChichester
Sun 23rd AugChichester SharksFvsFKent ExilesWChichester
Sun 23rd AugChichester Sharks60vs12St. AlbansWChichester

The final 2008 standings:

2008 Final Standings - English Conference

Leicester Eagles141220381199+1820.857
Coventry Jets141220374231+1430.857
Chichester Sharks141130425202+2230.786
Mildenhall Mayhem1486016052+1080.571
Kent Exiles144100209298-890.286
St. Albans Kings14410086606-5200.286
West Kent Wingdings14311058164-1060.214
North Devon Dogs14212014181+600.143

2008 Final Standings - Scottish Conference

Kirkcaldy Bulls1600722249+4731.000
Carluke Cobras1420442300+1420.875
Glasgow Tigers940255240+150.692
Aberdeen Oilcats870343412-690.533
Grangemouth Broncos770334344-100.500
Lanarkshire Steelers8100266458-1920.444
East Kilbride Pirates680207312-1050.429
Glasgow Hornets5110273501-2280.313
West Coast Trojans315076110-340.167
Dundee Storm3150130122+80.167

The results from 2008:

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sun 6th AprilChichester Sharks20vs26Mildenhall MayhemLMildenhall
Sun 6th AprilChichester Sharks33vs6St Albans KingsWMildenhall
Sun 20th AprilChichester Sharks67vs0West Kent Wing DingsWSidcup
Sun 20th AprilChichester Sharks38vs6Kent ExilesWSidcup
Sun 11th MayChichester Sharks43vs12North Devon DogsWBarnstaple
Sun 11th MayChichester Sharks61vs0St Albans KingsWBarnstaple
Sun 13th JulyChichester Sharks35vs28Leicester EaglesWLeicester
Sun 13th JulyChichester Sharks47vs18Coventry JetsWLeicester
Sat 3rd AugChichester Sharks1vs0North Devon DogsWNA
Sat 3rd AugChichester Sharks1vs0Kent ExilesWNA
Sat 16th AugChichester Sharks34vs58Coventry JetsLCoventry
Sat 16th AugChichester Sharks1vs0West Kent Wing DingsWNA
Sun 24th AugChichester Sharks47vs48Leicester EaglesLCoventry
Sun 24th AugChichester Sharks1vs0Mildenhall MayhemWNA

And now onwards to 2009 and unfinished business…

English Senior Flag League (ESFL)

The Chichester Sharks competed in the English Senior Flag League (known as the British Senior Flag League for the first 2 years) for 6 seasons, starting in 2002 and ending in 2007. During that time, the Sharks won more games than any other team, winning 69 of 119 (62%).

The Sharks only had one losing season during that period, finishing 2-5 in their inaugural season in 2002. Only two members of the current squad, Pete Steel and Neil Henderson are still playing.

Following that first year, the Sharks went on a roll of 5 consecutive winning seasons, finishing no lower than 3rd place in the league. In a remarkable turnaround from their first season, the Chichester Sharks bit back in 2003, winning nearly 80% of their games on their way to becoming League Champions.

That season set the tone for subsequent campaigns. With winning records each year, the Sharks fighting spirit put them in yearly contention for the league title.

Our success on the field, plus our local recruitment campaigns, enabled us to enter a 2nd team in competition in 2005 through 2007. Starting as the Thespians, before becoming the Makos for 2007, the 2nd team enabled our growing squad to develop and gain valuable playing experience.

Chichester’s 2nd national title came in dramatic style at the end of the 2007 season. With the league adopting a Final Four system playoff for the top teams, the Sharks came back from 2 scores down in both the semi-final (vs Leicester) and final (vs Voodoo) to clinch an emotional victory.

A fitting end to our time in the ESFL.

All-time Game Results

Below are the results of every competitive league match the Sharks played in the throughout our 6 years in the ESFL.

And the all-time results of every Makos (2007) and Thespians (2005/6) league match played: