The results and fixtures for the 2023 season are as follows with the Sharks A team playing in the Southern Premiership and Sharks B team playing in Southern Division 1. See below for results and standings.

Chichester Sharks A

Chichester Sharks A 2023 Fixtures & Results (Southwest Premiership)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sat 15th AprilChichester Sharks26vs25Cardiff HurricanesWCoventry
Sat 15th AprilChichester Sharks32vs6Coventry PhoenixWCoventry
Sat 15th AprilChichester Sharks29vs36Northants TitansLCoventry
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks45vs0Cowen CougarsWCardiff
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks0vs31Northants Titans0Cardiff
Sat 27th MayChichester Sharks40vs19Cardiff HurricancesWNorthampton
Sat 27th MayChichester Sharks27vs28London FlashLNorthampton
Sat 27th MayChichester Sharks40vs39Victoria Park PanthersWNorthampton
Sat 24th JuneChichester Sharks47vs0Cowen CougarsWCheltenham
Sat 24th JuneChichester Sharks26vs27Cheltenham NeptunesLCheltenham
Sat 22nd JulyChichester Sharks7vs62London SmokeLAylesbury
Sat 22nd JulyChichester Sharks38vs13Reading DevilsWAylesbury
Sat 22nd JulyChichester Sharks34vs34Aylesbury Vale SpartansTAylesbury
Sun 13th AugustChichester Sharks35vs20Coventry PhoenixWChichester
Sun 13th AugustChichester Sharks40vs26Cheltenham NeptunesWChichester

2023 Southwest Premiership Standings

Position PWLDFA+/-%
1Northants Titans153003872411460.800
2Chichester Sharks15951464370940.633
4Coventry Phoenix15870415439-240.533
3Cardiff Hurricanes15780342315270.467
5Cheltenham Neptunes153120237514-2770.200
6Cowen Cougars150150156547-3910.000

Chichester Sharks B

Chichester Sharks B 2023 Fixtures & Results (Southern Division 1 East)

DateTeam vs TeamResultVenue
Sat 15th AprilChichester Sharks B12vs14Salisbury City Marauders
Sat 15th AprilChichester Sharks B13vs12Waveney WolvesLLowestoft
Sat 15th AprilChichester Sharks B6vs52Buckinghamshire WolvesWLowestoft
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks B33vs6Solent Red StormWLondon
Sat 6th MayChichester Sharks B34vs18Waveney WolvesWLondon
Sun 28th MayChichester Sharks B7vs38Weston SupersLWeston Super Mare
Sun 28th MayChichester Sharks B12vs6Exeter FalconsWWeston Super Mare
Sun 28th MayChichester Sharks B6vs41Swansea HammerheadsLWeston Super Mare
Sun 25th JuneChichester Sharks B52vs24Solent Red StormWChichester
Sun 25th JuneChichester Sharks B12vs19London SparkLChichester
Sun 23rd JulyChichester Sharks B38vs6Gwent GatorsWSalisbury
Sun 23rd JulyChichester Sharks B6vs35Keynsham KingsLSalisbury
Sun 23rd JulyChichester Sharks B27vs19Cardiff Bay CoyotesWSalisbury
Sun 13th AugustChichester Sharks B7vs38London SparkLSouthampton
Sun 13th AugustChichester Sharks B20vs13Salisbury City Marauders
Sun 13th AugustChichester Sharks B19vs13Buckinghamshire WolvesWSouthampton

2023 Southern Division 1 East Standings

Position PWLDFA+/-%
1London Spark1613305042422420.813
3Buckinghamshire Wolves1610604142951190.625
4Chichester Sharks B16970304347-430.563
5Waveney Wolves16790438464-260.438
2Salisbury City Marauders164120248512-2640.250
6Solent Red Storm160160144696-5520.000