Updated: 2011 Player Statistics

For those interested in the numbers, the 2011 player statistics have been updated to reflect all four games of the season to date.

Neil has started strong with a 5/1 TD/INT ratio. Adding to the points, his extra point conversion precentage is at an all time high of 71% (previous best 61% in 2010).

Justin Handley is off to a great start in his quest to be the player with the greatest collection of stats, having joined Neil in the passing TD table, sitting at no.3 in receiving TDs, joint 1st in rushing TDs and leading the defense with 7 picks, including 1 for a score.

Top of the receiving table is Luke Nash with an impressive 9 TD catches, followed by Lambo with 5.

For the first time we have multiple players with rushing TDs – both Justin and Gary Robinson have two apiece.

Defensively, we have 14 interceptions already (7 from Justin), two of which have gone back for touchdowns (Justin and Neil). We’re a little slow off the mark on the sack front, recording only 1 to date (Gary).

Altogether a great start to the season, but ultimately its a team sports and happily, we’re off to a winning start with a 2-1-1 record.

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