You win some…

The 350 mile round trip to Llanharan in Wales to play two top teams was never going to be easy. Nor was travelling with only 6 available players. Warming up in a gravel car park was a little unexpected too.

That said, the Sharks fought hard, beating the Basingstoke Zombie Horde 53 – 31 in the opening match, before succumbing to the South Wales Warriors 48 – 25. Given the calibre of teams, a 1-1 result on the day was a positive.

Interesting, the Horde also beat the Warriors by multiple scores to leave all three teams 1-1 on the day, which was fitting given the competitiveness but also odd as none of the score lines were close.

The results left the conference table as follows, with Chichester in a good position (pre-Easter weekend games):

Woodham 2-0
London 1-0-1
Chichester 2-1-1
Basingstoke 1-1
South Wales 1-1
Coventry 1-1
Leicester 0-2
Chiltern 0-2

It’s a brief report this week (hey, it’s the Easter weekend and its sunny outside!), but well done to all Sharks that competed this past weekend:

Neil Henderson

Gary Robinson

Justin Handley

James ‘Lambo’ Lambert

Toby Chopra

Luke Nash

Shortly I’ll be updating the league tables (to also reflect the Easter weekend upset of Coventry Jets beating Basingstoke 32-14), plus the player stats tables.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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