Sharks move into contention

After a difficult opening weekend with two losses, the Sharks have since won 5 of their last 6 games, only narrowly losing to table leading Woodham Warriors (White).

On the 13th June, the Sharks beat Woodham Warriors (Black) 31-20, off the back of a 3 TD performance from Matt Williams (in his first game back with Chichester) and 2 TDs from Justin Handley. The Sharks dominated the game despite travelling with a small squad of 6.

On the 20th June, Chichester travelled to Leicester for a marathon 3 game event. The 3rd game had been added to the schedule to catch up on a postponed game against Woodham (Black) earlier in the season.

Despite the long day, the Sharks emerged with 2 wins from 3 games, beating Woodham (Black) 27-13 and hotly favoured, South Wales Warriors, 31-13. The latter being a tremendous effort all round from every player. Especially so, as it came on the heels of a disappointing 26-18 loss to Woodham (White).

With those results the Sharks now move to a 5-3 record overall and move into contention for a playoff spot. This year looks to be a very tight race for the 3 playoff spaces, with Woodham (White), South Wales, Leicester, London, and Basingstoke all with winning records.

The playoff picture may become clearer this weekend as Chichester travel to Coventry to take on the Jets, plus a 2nd game against the South Wales Warriors.

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