Sharks dethrone Kings


Well done everyone that played day – it was a great way to end the season.

For those not there, Sharks beat Kings 60-12 in a very good natured game. Thanks to St. Albans for making the trip and being good opponents.

The regular season is now complete, and the Sharks finished with a 11-3 record. This leaves us either 2nd or 3rd in the table, subject to the Eagles/Rebels result next week. If we finish 2nd, the Sharks will be going to the playoffs.

Whilst we only played 1 league match on the day, we crammed a lot into that 40 minutes.

For a start, the Defense was awesome. The Kings completed 2 long passes to set up their only scores on the day, but other than that the Sharks D completely stifled the opposition. Full credit goes to the D, they controlled the game throughout, letting the Offense rack up the points.

And score we certainly did, notching up 9 TDs  on the day. What was notable about this game though, was that the 9 TD passes came from 3 passers – Neil Henderson, Martyn Emmens and Gary Robinson (me) – a first for the Sharks. (And I use the term ‘passer’ very loosely in my case!). Well done to Martyn, throwing 3 TDs and 0 picks in the quarter of a game after he replaced Neil.

Leading receiving on the day was Pete Steel with 3 TD/1XP, followed closely by myself and Simon Merton with 2 TDs apiece. Another notable first for the season was a TD catch from QB Neil Henderson – third time lucky for me throwing the ball in a game (though I still reckon the other two were TDs!).

Another amusing highlight from the game were the two interceptions that Bruno ‘stole’ from his teammates – the first stripping the ball from Josh on a pick and the second jumping in front of a shouting Dave. Good natured jesting followed – check the upcoming video for Dave’s expression! – but you have to love Bruno’s single minded focus on both plays.

The final player stats tables are now available.

Thanks to everyone that came to the BBQ afterwards, hope you enjoyed yourself. I’d like to do it again sometime, but I reckon I’d go for ‘real’ burgers next time!

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