Player Stats to date

Following games against Leicester, London, Hampshire and St. Albans to start the season, we have the first player stats table available.

Whilst Neil is uncontested in the passing category, the leading receiver competition is hotting up. Leading the pack is veteran Simon Merton with 4 scores, separated from 2nd place receiver Scott Wilson by merit of his 4 XP to Scott’s 2. Rounding out the top 3 is the 2nd old boy, Gary Robinson (me) with 3 scores.

The defense is looking particularly impressive this year, with 3 players with picks, including one returned for a score from Martyn Emmens. Josh Amis is off to a great start in his rookie season, notching 4 sacks, 3 of which have resulted in safeties.

Passing Statistics '09

Player NameGmTD1 XP2 XPINTTotal
Neil Henderson125128012334
Martyn Emmens12320020
Gary Robinson1210006
Bruno Bergamaschi701001

Receiving / Rushing Statistics '09

NameGmRec TDRush TDRec 1XPRec 2XPTotal
Gary Robinson121229093
Scott Wilson111102068
Simon Merton9907061
Pete Steel4802050
Josh Amis7502032
James Taylor12302020
Martyn Emmens12203015
Sean Wasley4201013
Bruno Bergamaschi710107
Dayle Kirby410006
Neil Henderson1210006
Mike Thompson900101
Ben Mortensen200101

Defensive Statistics '09

Player NameGmINTINT TDSacksSafeties
Mike Thompson96100
Bruno Bergamaschi75000
Josh Amis73053
Dave Lee123020
Dayle Kirby42000
Martyn Emmens121100
Neil Henderson121010
Sean Wasley40020
James Taylor120020
Gary Robinson120011
Pete Steel40010

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