New Season Nearly Upon Us

newbaflflagseasonWith the 2009 BAFL Flag season running from April to September the football is about to get serious again!

It seems like an age since we last played a competitive game that meant something (7 months if you’re counting at home) and I know many of you are eager to get going again.

There are several new faces on the Sharks this year – Rob, Mike, Alex, Ben and Bob to name just a handful – the result of a good off season of recruitment. We have a good squad size now, hopefully we can start getting everyone to turn up on the same day now!

There are also some new teams in our conference this year, with the London Rebels, Hampshire Thrashers and South Wales Warriors joining the fight. The trip to the Warriors might be a bit of a long one, but we got lucky with two new ‘local’ teams.

As we head into the final few weeks before the season kicks off, lets try to make every effort to make it to training, so we have a full squad to practice with. If you can’t make a session, please let us know, otherwise we’ll see you all on Sunday.

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