New Website launched

fightingrabbitsIn advance of the new 2009 BAFL Flag season, the Chichester Sharks have launched a new website. Apart from a brand new look, the site includes a number of new features. Have a play around with the site to see what’s different.

Generally, it’s a lot more flexible to up keep from my perspective – though a bit more complicated so it will under go a few changes over the coming months whilst I get to grips with it.

If anyone has any suggestions on what they’d like to see on the site, please let me know – either by email or by using the Contact page on the website. Thanks for any input.

3 thoughts on “New Website launched

  • Gary

    funny enough, guess what my next email to you was going to be about? 😉

    If you wouldn’t mind doing some new stuff for me that would be great. I’ll send dimensions over.

    also need to catch up on the shirts too.


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