Preseason Flag Football Friendlies

Well done to all those who participated today in friendlies with Peter Symonds Sabres and the Zombie Horde of Basingstoke.

It was an incredibly cold day but that didn’t stop some great football being played in good spirits. I don’t have the actual scores to hand but the final results stand as:

Horde beat Sabres

Sharks beat Horde

Sharks beat Sabres

(EDIT: Horde 45 – Sabres 20, Horde 20 – Sharks 47, Sharks 13 – Sabres 12 – Thanks Martyn)

Thank you very much to both the visiting teams for joining us today. Hopefully, you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Despite all the shivering!

Special mentions today, go to our 6 new players – Charlie, Ben, Darren, Mike, Alex and Rob. At the start of the day they had 1 training session of flag football between them (Rob), but by the end of the day they all had contributed strongly to the two wins we got today. It’s no small feat to step straight into two games on your first day, and especially to perform at the level you all did.

Alex had a particularly impressive start to playing on defense, making several tackles for short gains on running plays. Rob, Charlie, Darren and Ben made some great grabs and helped keep scoring drives alive. And Mike was a ballhawk in at Safety. Mike and Charlie’s previous experience playing kitted football was very evident today.

What was even more impressive, was that we played – and won – two games where 60-80% of the defense were first day rookies – and on a couple of drives in the last game, it was up to 100%. So well done to you all.

Congratulations to Scott too – winning his first ever start as QB today against the Sabres.

Hopefully we’ll have a few more friendlies before the season starts in April. And with a bit of luck, we’ll see all our new rookies back for more training over the coming weeks.

Anyone not defrosted yet? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Preseason Flag Football Friendlies

  • Toby

    Well done to the Sharks, new and old. Looks like some great new talent in the squad, I’m looking forward to joining you all on the pitch soon. (P.s my little toe is almost back to its usual shape and colour – so I should be back in action soon!) 🙂

  • Pete Steel

    Well done to all players sounds like you had a good couple of results there, wish i could have been there to contribute.

    Good to hear that we have so many new players coming through, hope they enjoyed the games and that they are gona return in the future.

    As for myself im hoping to be able to attend training in next couple of weeks, cant say how frustrating it is not been able to play due to shift pattern at work. Just hope the squad still want me to attend and play dispite me not having many sundays available.

    Well keep up the good effort one and all and hopefully see you all new and old on the field in the near future

    Sharks WR#84
    Pete Steel

    p.s Wooo hooo Steelers 6 times Super Bowl winners hehe.

  • Well done everyone on Sunday! I was going to be there but I was let down at the last minute. Hoping to get to training soon.

    Wife is pregnant so we are looking to have our baby this summer.

    Sharks #25 (all round super star)
    Ricardo Moratalla

  • Dayle

    Well done, Sharks! As others have said, it’s really encouraging to hear of newcomers to the team. This can only bode well for the forthcoming season. With luck, I’ll be able to make it to training before the end of the month. Look forward to seeing everybody (again) then.

    Oh, and many congratulations to you and your wife, Ric. That’s wonderful news!

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