Last training session of the year – LIVE!

Welcome to the last training session of the year – live by the wonders of the iPhone!

We’ve got a good turn out with 12 players in attendance, including former coach Dayle Kirby – who just picked a pass from Martyn and returned it for a score!

This photo shows Neil taking the snap on the drive after the interception – what would have been nice would have been to have taken a photo a couple of seconds later, because it turned out to be a bullet of a pass on the run, which went for a score. Oh well, not the greatest camera on the iphone.

This will come in handy after tournaments next season, as it will give me something to do on the journey back 🙂

5 thoughts on “Last training session of the year – LIVE!

  • Toby

    Cool pic Gary! Maybe all the displaced Channel 5 viewers can tune into our site now for some top football coverage 🙂 Really enjoyed training today guys, having not trained for sevreral weeks myself.
    Everyone played really well and it showed what a strong squad we have for the forthcoming season. Great to see Dayle too, hope you can join us again soon.
    So, Merry Christmas guys, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the new year, and planning our assault on the 2009 National Championship. Go Sharks!

  • Well if you hadn’t needed me back on the field I could have said a lot more!

    Agree with Toby, it was a good session. Really enjoyed it but i think I’m going to ache tomorrow. My middle figure doesn’t bend already, a tad swollen…Neil!

  • please send us some news and photos, would love to put you on our web site,. anyone interested in coming to the panama tournament jan 31st?

  • Zac Davis Jnr

    hi my names zac and i currently train with the wight rhinos on the isle of wight. im interested in playing in games because out team isnt really doing much at the moment. Im a WR – RB mail me if ur interested.. cheers

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