Sharks Fall At Final Hurdle

It could have been oh so different. In a day where very little went our way, the Sharks lost to fellow playoff contenders, the Jets and Eagles and missed out on a trip to the semi-finals/finals.

The day started badly when we heard that the Mildenhall Mayhem had decided to forfeit their remaining fixtures – gifting Leicester and Coventry two wins each – a killer considering we played the Mayhem earlier in the year and had narrowly lost. This put our rivals in a good position, not having to face the tough americans.

The finals scores on the day were:

Jets 58-34 Sharks

Eagles 48-47 Sharks

We just missed out in a tense final game against the Eagles. It wasn’t any single play, we just didn’t make enough plays on the day and it hurt us.

I will write up a little more, but its still too disappointing to think about. So come back in a couple of days to read more.

The final thing I’d like to say is that I was very proud of the way everyone kept fighting for the win yesterday-  it just demonstrated how great a TEAM we are. The Sharks will back!!

6 thoughts on “Sharks Fall At Final Hurdle

  • Dayle

    You’re right, Neil. Saturday was a major disappointment and I don’t think my Pecan Crunch has ever been so soggy but we need to learn from the experiences of this season, so that we continue to improve as a club in the months ahead. Everyone on the drive back to Surrey and Sussex felt deflated by those two losses but I was encouraged by the many positive ideas that we also discussed – ways of strengthening the team and continuing to support the league. Preparation for 2009 starts here.

  • Toby

    I still feel really down by the defeats, and I’m not sure which of the losses upsets me more, as both were disappointing in different ways. I also feel I personally performed below what I was capable of, which is infuriating as I won’t get a chance this season to put it right. However, difficult as they are to appreciate now, there were some positives, not least the 80-odd points scored by the offence, which should have been enough to win at least one of the games. Gareth also had a great debut, sorry it couldn’t be a winning one. But one thing I do know – I’m not prepared to suffer a day like that again – so, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure next time the championship is on the line, it’s us that comes away victorious. So, Dayle, I agree -2009 starts today.

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