Start your own american football team

Do you love American football? Do you wish you could play American football? Do you wish you had a local American football team? If the answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes, what are you waiting for?

Start your own American football team.

If that sounds slightly ridiculous, think again. Starting an American football team doesn’t have to be that difficult – there is an easy route. Flag football.

Flag football is American football without the helmets and crunching tackles, but all the fun of passing, catching and galloping runs. What’s more, flag football doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as kitted American football.

To play flag football, all you need is an American football, flag football belts, a patch of grass and a bunch of mates. If there are 10 of you, great, you can play a game amongst yourselves. Even better, if you have at least 5 players, you can join the British American Football League and compete in BAFL Flag.

The flag football league has teams across the UK, including Cardiff, Manchester, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Coventry, Leicester, and several in London, amongst other places.

New teams are always welcome, so why not start your own?

What next?

In the first instance, join the BAFA Flag Facebook group – it’s a great place to ask questions and get in touch with the league organisers.

And if you want any help with coaching, get in touch with us at the Chichester Sharks. New teams are welcome to come train with us to help get to grips with the rules and techniques. We can guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll learn some useful stuff for your new team.

So, get your boots on!

2 thoughts on “Start your own american football team

  • Liam

    Me and a friend are thinking about getting a team started in the Birmingham Wolverhampton area and were just wondering where thebest place to get some flag sets would be?

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