NFL Tickets for Wembley, London

NFL Tickets for London on Sale!

If you were smart, a few month’s ago upon hearing the news that Wembley is to host another NFL game during the 2008 season, you would have registered your interest for tickets with

Today, following a random lottery draw, the NFL announced that a few thousand lucky registrants have been informed that they are able to buy a maximum of 4 tickets next Thursday to see the NFL game at Wembley.

I’m one of the those lucky few – as is Neil 🙂 Did anyone else get the chance to buy NFL tickets to see the San Diego Chargers play the New Orleans Saints at Wembley, London in October?

11 thoughts on “NFL Tickets for Wembley, London

  • johnny

    I did, got 5 Club Wembley seats (whatever that is!!!) a few months ago. Well exciting. hopefully we will have better seats than last year,we were sat on the final row last year right right right up the top glad i took me bino’s.

  • shark34

    Club seats. woooo, someone’s got some cash burning a hole in their pocket 😉

    Actually, I think Jon had similar seats last year and the view was pretty good.

    Fingers crossed we can make it through the ticketmaster nightmare on Thursday

  • Toby

    I got a code to apply too – am gonna go for whatever I can get. Neeed to sort out a ticketmaster account now. Btw, as I said last week, I can’t make it tomorrow, but back next week. have a good one.

  • Julian

    Hi there eeryone, first of all good start to your season, loads of scoring and a tight D maybe another Championship is on the cards?!!
    Just wanted to say I’ll be in London for the game in block 114, 20 from the front!
    Should be better than seeing my beloved Fish loose in the rain this ear.


  • Shanu

    Hey guys,

    Im back in town in a week or so… Whats happening with training and stuff?

    Does anyone have a spare ticket to the game?

  • shark34

    Hi Shaun,

    how’s it going? This coming Sunday we’ve got a friendly in Tidworth against the Dogs, but will be back at training the following Sunday at New Park.

    Training starts at the usual time of 10 am. Be good to have you back 🙂

  • Roy Edwards

    Hi, I have two seats in the Club area with a Sapphire package., which includes a pre-match buffet, drinks for 3 hours before,as well as during certain breaks and for an hour afterwards. VIP entrance, whatever that may be. Programme for all and staff in attendance. They will cost me £299.00 per ticket. Sadly my two friends who were coming from the US are now unable to attend. IMyself and a friend will be sitting in the adjoining seats. I do not wish to make any money on these tickets; they are available for the price I paid. Any takers. I am not a member of Chichester Sharks and I am not an ticket agent. I came across this site via google and it appeared to me that there might be some interest from members.Sincerely, Roy Edwards

  • Gareth Dunn

    Like the previous posting I came across this by accident.

    I’m going to the NFL Game @ wembly with 3 pals, but 4 others have pulled out for various reasons.

    So I have 4 tickets available if anybody’s interested.

    Please email me.



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