Flag Football Videos – Youtube

The game film from our matches against West Kent Wing Dings and Kent Exiles are now available on here and Youtube.

As the matches are longer this season, I’ve had to cut the games into halves, as Youtube limit the video length. Most of our flag football videos are now available from our Film Room, but here is a taster to start you off:


More flag football videos here

6 thoughts on “Flag Football Videos – Youtube

  • Excellent work Gary and Toby on the filming. Shows even more how well we worked as a team. Great grabs by Toby for the scores (and Dave’s comments when he scored the TD!!), gotta love Dave’s streak down the sideline and John’s rumble up the side to get tackled at the 2…and I thought by tackle when I threw that pick against the Exiles wasn;t bad either 🙂

  • Toby

    Man, that #81 from the Wing Dings really does need to talk to someone! Cheers for the vids Gary, they’re great. See u all sunday.

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