Registration Deadline Approaching

To compete in the 2008 season as a member of the Chichester Sharks, BAFA require you to become a registered member. The cost of this is £32.00 for the year and includes your insurance.

Everyone needs to complete a form, which has to be sent in as a single batch by our Committee. We gave out a few forms last Sunday, but some of them were missing a 2nd sheet, so we’ll be bringing more this weekend.

We need to get them in before the season starts, so we’re aiming to send them off next Tuesday (25th). This means we need to get all the information sorted this weekend.

If you have not registered with BAFA before, you will need to:

  • complete the form on Sunday
  • bring a passport sized photograph
  • bring £32 in cash
  • bring a photocopy of documentation that proves your age (e.g. driving license, passport, birth certificate)

If you cannot get a photocopy, bring the original to training. I will take it and get a photocopy for you. However, in doing so you’ll have to agree that I’m not responsible for any loss or damage to the document.

If you’re been registered with BAFA in the last two years, you will need to:

  • complete the re-registration form on Sunday
  • bring £32 in cash
  • bring your BAFA registration number

I have to stress that all the individual forms go in together as one team submission, so please make sure you attend training this weekend, bringing your cash and a photo and proof of age photocopy if necessary.

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