Flag Leaders Award this weekend

This weekend the Chichester Sharks are pleased to be hosting a NFL Flag Football Leaders Award day for individuals looking to achieve their coaching qualification ready for the inaugural 2008 BAFL Flag season.

The course is to be held on Saturday 23rd February at Christ’s Hospital School in Horsham, West Sussex. Run by Accredited Tutor, Philippe Crisp, the course involves both practical and theoretical elements, and participants require no previous coaching experience.

The Leaders Award is the basic level coaching qualification recognised by BAFA. Each team must have at least one member who holds (at least) this level of qualification, on the sidelines of league games this year.

Seven members of the Chichester Sharks squad will be participating, along with a number of others, including representatives from fellow BAFL Flag clubs, Mildenhall Mayhem and Kent Exiles.

3 thoughts on “Flag Leaders Award this weekend

  • Dayle

    12 people now confirmed.

    Course content:

    centre-quarterback exchange
    passing & catching

    Neil and I will be assisting and filming the session; please bring your game shirts.

    See you there at noon.

  • Dayle

    The day went very well, Mike, and I’m pleased to say that Lambo, Dave, Arthur, Luke, Tom and Gary all passed the course. (In fact, we had a 100% success amongst those who attended.) I’m sure that if you keep an eye on the BAFL forum, there will be an announcement before long about another course – in your area. Failing that, if you have a group of people who would like to become qualified coaches, you could contact the NFL or BAFL yourself:




    Hope this helps.

    Best of luck with the 49ers!

  • Anonymous

    hi sharks hope every thing’s ok! im home this Monday so hopefully i will see you all next week!


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