Training Sunday 27th January

Training is definitely on this weekend, 10am sharp, usual place.

Everyone performed very well last week in Andover but there are still things we need to work on. Unfortunately Dayle won’t be able to make it on Sunday but Dave and I have been in touch and we have agreed things to work on this week.

If you haven’t yet confirmed attendance please do so ASAP. If you have said you are coming and your situation changes please let me know too ASAP. It is important and only fair on the rest of the team that we know exactly how many people will be turning up each week.


One thought on “Training Sunday 27th January

  • Gary Robinson

    i’ll be there.

    Weather forecast says it should be 10 degrees and sunny tomorrow, so with a bit of luck we won’t churn up the ground so much this week.

    Which reminds me, I think I’d better try and clean my boots, they’ve got half a field on there…

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