First training of ’08 – Sharks + England

Happy New Year!

The first training session of the year will be this Sunday, with a combined Sharks and Team England session.

Sharks training begins at 10am as usual, whilst the remaining England players will be joining us at 11am.

See you there!

7 thoughts on “First training of ’08 – Sharks + England

  • Dayle

    Speaking with my Team England hat on now: this is the team’s last opportunity for a run-out before we play Wales again. (The last game in Newport finished 19-18 to England, so I’m sure that the Welsh will be after revenge.) Thanks in advance to all non-Team England Sharks for giving the national players another key warm-up.

    Now, from the point of view of the Sharks, there will be a friendly tournament in Andover immediately after the England-Wales international. Other committed teams are:

    Canterbury Cardinals
    Leicester Eagles
    Mildenhall Mayhem
    North Devon Dogs
    Team Voodoo
    2 teams from South Wales

    I would certainly like to reverse the result from the CH Bowl by beating the Eagles, and a game against the Americans is always a useful test. Hope to see everyone at training on Sunday.

  • Mike the Ninja

    Hey Guys
    Good luck in 2008 in whatever league ends up running will be watch closely, i am moving up to Nottingham with my family and will be starting my team up there the Nottingham 49ers we start training in Feb 2008.
    So hopefully see you guys on the field and wishing you luck and thanks for the training.

  • Dayle

    Hope everything goes well with the move, Mike, and best of luck with the new team! Also, keep an eye on the ESFL forum, as it looks as if there may be a tournament heading your way next month…

    Well done and thank you to everyone who worked so hard during yesterday’s excellent training session! Sadly, the Wales-England game has been cancelled, but it was still a very worthwhile practice, and I’m very much looking forward to the MH Cup (tournament) in Andover in just under a fortnight’s time. Look after those bruised thumbs…

  • Anonymous

    Hi, this is Toby – are we training on Sunday. If so, could we make a little time to talk about the BAFL flag league – the details of which have been relesed on the ESFL forum. Seems a lot of bureaucracy, and Mayhem have said they won’t be joining…any idea how many other teams BAFL have got in the pipeline?

  • Gary Robinson

    Absolutely, Toby. We’ll talk about BAFA.

    Just so you know, we had a bit of chat about this coming season last week. I’ll bring you up to speed on this on Sunday.

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