Tournament Results

On Sunday, the Sharks took part in an end of season friendly tournament in Billingshurst. We had a really good turn out, with several new teams – and an old face – taking part.

We had a squad of 8 playing – Neil, Pete, Ben, Dayle, Thierry, Arthur, Toby and myself – with sideline support from Dave and Lambo.

We had a really enjoyable day and a pretty productive one on the pitch. Our group draw featured the Renegade Outlaws, Surrey Stingers Old Boys (kitted team) and the Hastings Serpents. The team played outstanding in all three matches, scoring in the region of 90-100 points (don’t have the exact scores at the moment) and conceding ZERO! An outstanding effort. All those who played D should be proud of that feat.

Special mention goes to Toby, who played his socks off, picking off a handful of interceptions, including one, I believe, he returned for a score. Rumours of a repeat of his infamous endzone dance, sadly, are not true.

Unfortunately, with light fading, we had to speed up the playoff structure, meaning the group winners were to play each other to determine the 1-2 positions. This meant we were up against a very well prepared Leicester team. Sadly, we couldn’t maintain our perfect shut out record, conceding 2 scores on route to a 13-8 loss.

However, that still meant that on the day, our D conceded on average 3.25 points a game – not bad at all!

The final positions on the day were:

Group A
Sharks 3-0
Stingers Old Boys 2-1
Serpents 1-2
Outlaws 0-3

Group B
Eagles 4-0
Dogs 2-2
Cardinals 0-4

5th Place Playoff
Serpents 13-7 Cardinals (OT)

3rd Place Playoff
Stingers Old Boys 12-6 Dogs

Eagles 13-8 Sharks

Oh and by the way, the old face i mentioned, was Will Corkrey, our former Thespians QB from a few years back, now playing for the Canterbury Cardinals.

Well done to Dayle for organising an excellent event and providing sunny, if a little cold, weather. Hopefully we have plenty more of these next year.

One thought on “Tournament Results

  • Anonymous

    Well played to all those that competed, wish I’d been there here’s to 2008 and some more meetings.

    I hope that Toby isn’t near to many of my passes, although the endzone dancing is always fun to watch!


    Have a happy christmas and new year all and see you all soon.


    Oh by the way if you guys are around on sunday then maybe we could have a pick up game?

    Take it easy

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