And this year’s National Champions are…

Chichester Sharks!!!

Sharks beat Voodoo 31-29 in a come from behind thriller!

More details to come.

Well done guys 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Brilliant result guys – Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more details. (And beating Voodoo to clinch it too, it doesn’t get any sweeter) TOBY

  • Anonymous

    Well done Sharks !!!!!

    you deserved to of won that

    been a wierd season well done

    see you guys in the not so

    near future i hope 😀


  • Anonymous

    My report for the forum, Gary feel free to edit and use for the paper.

    Unfortunately the Mayhem didn’t turn up again so they got 21-0 forfeit scores against them.

    The other round robin scores were:

    Sharks 13 vs 26 Voodoo
    Sharks 19 vs 0 Eagles
    Voodoo 21 vs 6 Eagles

    Voodoo got the by to the final as they had the best overall record for the year and the Sharks played the Eagles in the other semi with the Sharks coming from 2 scores down to win 33-25. Sharks lost Ben Pulleyblank to his dodgy broken fingers in the semi and he couldn’t carry on.

    In the final the Sharks and Voodoo traded scores with the Sharks edging it half way through the second half until Dayle Kirby intercepted a Nick Watson pass but badly twisted his knee as he landed. An ambulance was called and Dayle was carted away to A&E (I am happy to report the verdict from the Doc is just a sprained knee for Dayle and he is now safely home to face the wrath of the Mrs!) and the Sharks carried on with only 5 players.

    The Sharks led 24-22 before the Voodoo took the lead 29-24. Inside the 2 min warning the Sharks moved the ball up field and punched the ball home with a quick pass from QB Neil Henderson to WR Pete Steel with the XP successful as well with Dave Lee’s catch in the endzone to make the score 31-29.

    With 1:18 left in the match the Voodoo quickly moved down field into Sharks territory as time ticked down but several attempts to get the ball into the endzone were unsuccessful. The game came down to a 4th and goal from about the 15yd line with about 15 seconds left after a Sharks timeout. Voodoo QB Nick Watson passed backwards to WR Adam Russell for a play which had worked several times earlier in the day but good downfield coverage forced Russell to run for the score rather than pass but he came up short with the tackle from Sharks centre and backup defender Gary Robinson. The Sharks were then able to run the clock out for a memorable victory against a Voodoo side which has been consistently strong all year and will again be a force to be reckoned with next year.

    Thanks to the Eagles and Voodoo for travelling down to Chichester today to make the end of season a success, which is not something we might have said at the start of the week. All the games were played with skill, passion and sportmanship and it is a privilige to be associated with such a sport.

    Here’s hoping we can move things on constructively for next year and get more teams and players involved.

    Signing off for the 2007 season.

    Chichester Sharks (ESFL Champions 2007)
    ESFL Chairman

  • Anonymous

    Well played to all on the day, shame the others couldn’t get to play.

    Good see the grin was back in place on Dayle’s face nice and quickly!! Hell of a catch though,though under review not so sure he would of been awarded it-was the ball under control?

    Only joking.

    So the end of a long and weird season, here’s to the future of flag and to next season.

    take care all and I’ll see you all I’m sure pretty soon.


    Oh by the way if anyone is intersted in a scrimmage then ask I’m sure we’ll be up for it. We’ve also recieved a new version of flag rule sthat we’ve been trying out, so if you fancy playing some six man in the off season…
    And who’s going on sunday? Could be a historic day in more ways that first thought:

    1. First “Full” NFL game outside of the Americas.
    2. Dolphins only win of the season!!!

    Laters all, once again well done.

  • Anonymous

    Oh one more think, Neil, here’s one for you. (I mean this in good faith, with a smile on my face too.)

    Under league rules and those of EFAF I though that diving tackles had been outlawed……

    Care to comment? 😉

    Oh and I forgot to say that although no official man of the match/tournament was given out. My vote would go to Lambo. Played a blinder in each of his games, vital catches, picks, solid running with the ball–MVP in my book.

    H.O.F next?

  • Anonymous

    well done guys glad dayle is ok.i cant believe that john terry and drogba are honourary captains at sundays game.this is football if i wanted to see a pile of shit id look in a dog bin in the park.sorry ranting but surely we can have some proper sport without it being ruined by 2 soccer bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!perhaps they are doing the coin flip couple of tossers!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well done to everyone on an excellent performance… and thanks for coming to see me in St Richard’s with the good news (and for looking after my car)!

    Take care,


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