ESFL Finals – Chichester 21st October

The final tournament of 2007 will be held this Sunday in Chichester. The venue is our usual training ground and kickoff is 11 a.m.

We had hoped to arrange a venue with changing facilities, but despite lots of last minute ringing around we were unable to sort something.

I will be in touch with each of you today to find out your availability for Sunday – please reply by text or post your intention here in the comments.

Subject to the number of teams attending there may be some qualifying games for some teams to start the day, but Chichester have a bye to the Semi-finals by merit of finishing with the 2nd best qualifying record.

Hope to see you all there 🙂

9 thoughts on “ESFL Finals – Chichester 21st October

  • Anonymous

    Am available to play till 4.30pm – assuming ex-Makos are permitted to play (see thread on Senior flag forum). Would be good to have a ruling on this – either way – asap Friday. Cheers, Toby

  • Anonymous

    If ex-Makos aren’t able to play what are we supposed to do?
    Shall we see if the Outlaws are playing and go along?

  • Gary Robinson

    Regretably, it has been stated by one of the Member Clubs that the remaining members of the Makos are ineligible to play for the Sharks in the Finals.

    This is due to a rule that says players cannot play for a team in the finals if they started the season on a different team. This is designed to stop players jumping team and bolstering a squad just for the finals.

    This isn’t the case with us but we can’t get round the rule. Sorry about for you guys that were going to play this weekend.

    This is for this weekend only – we’ll have this all sorted out for the first competition next year.

    If any of you Makos would like to come along and referee, we’d be most grateful. The support would be welcome too.

    Give me a call if you have any questions

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely gutting, and in my view totally unnecessary on the part of VooDoo. Maybe if we’d re-registered as soon as Julian’s lot left…but there’s no point going into the what-ifs. But I hope we f*c*ing stuff Voodoo on sunday. Toby

  • Gary Robinson

    i agree Toby, it just seems petty to me and does nothing to help the sport be inclusive.

    The other teams have no problem with it – its just disapointing.

  • Anonymous

    sorry that has happened guys you played your nuts off for the makos this year.this kind of stuff is another reason that football is dying and quickly.thanks for the rant.sean

  • Gary Robinson

    unfortunately, not for this Sunday, Thierry. To fit the games in Sunday, the format has been drawn up to play a round robin of the final four teams, followed by the playoffs. If we’d known this last week, we maybe could have done things differently.

    Its been a nightmare trying to sort this last tournament – originally it was going to be in winchester, then i managed to get the rugby club in Chi, but then it wasn’t available, so we’ve gone with the training ground. And now this rules blow up. A right pain in the ar*e.

    I can understand if you don’t want to but if any of you who want to come along and support the others or to help ref, it would be much appreciated.

    Sorry guys. Gutted for you.

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