The Chichester Sharks & Makos Pigskin Pick’em!

The NFL season is just days away, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to launch the 2007 Chichester Sharks & Makos Pigskin Pick’em!

If you’ve not done one of these before, a Pigskin Pick’em is a weekly competition where you get to predict the winners of each NFL game throughout the 17 weeks of the regular season.

I’ve set up a league on ESPN for Sharks and Makos players. Prior to the games starting each week, you’ll need to make your selections as to who you think will be the winner of each match-up. If you cannot make your predictions in time or you forget, your picks will default to the team playing at home.

The Pigskin Pick’em Champion will be the player who correctly guesses the most victories.

If you’re interested in playing this season, let me know your email address (either here, by text or at training) and I’ll send you a password to login to our league.

The season starts on Thursday (6th September) so let me know asap if you want to join!

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