Strong Performances for Chichester Teams

Well done to everyone that played yesterday – it was a great day of football for both Sharks and Makos.

With 6 teams participating, the Sharks finished the day 2nd overall with a 3-1 record and the Makos 4th with a 1-2-1 record.

The Makos record does not do justice to their performance on the day – losing by just 1 point to the Sharks, tying with the Dogs after a disallowed TD, a victory over the Eagles and a cracking 69 point shoot out with a very good Peabody Tanners team (formerly Derby Uni).

The Sharks were on fine form with 2 victories over the Tanners, the close game against the Makos and the defeat against the Nick Watson led Voodoo (who went undefeated on the day).

There were many fine performances – especially a great defensive battle between the Sharks and Makos – that was mighty close!

Top receiver on the day for the Makos was Matt with 5 TDs and 4 for Ben on the Sharks – well done to both of you. Also, a fine game for Thierry against the Tanners, throwing for 5 TDs to keep neck and neck with the opposition throughout the game.

On the D side of the ball, I’d like to congratulate Neil on breaking up a key pass with his nose during one game…

Here are the results on the day:

Group Stage


Voodoo 33 – 7 Dogs
Eagles 13 – 25 Voodoo
Dogs 0 – 6 Eagles


Tanners 12 – 26 Sharks
Makos 31 – 38 Tanners
Sharks 7 – 6 Makos

Championship Playoff Match

Eagles 19 – 27 Tanners

4th/5th/6th Position Group

Eagles 6 – 7 Dogs
Dogs 12 – 12 Makos
Makos 18 – 13 Eagles

Championship Group

Voodoo 20 – 6 Sharks
Tanners 18 – 20 Sharks
Voodoo 35 – 12 Tanners

Tournament Positions

1. Voodoo
2. Sharks
3. Tanners
4. Makos
5. Dogs
6. Eagles

Tournament positions aside, here are the W-L-T, pts For, pts Against, Pts Differennce for the league tables:

Voodoo 4-0-0 113-38 +75
Sharks 3-1-0 59-56 +3
Tanners 2-3-0 107-131 -24
Makos 1-2-1 67-70 -3
Dogs 1-2-1 26-57 -31
Eagles 1-4-0 57-77 -20

So what does this all mean to the overall standings? Well, it means that at the moment both the Sharks and Makos are eligible to qualify for the finals!

After 3 tournaments the league table looks like this:

W-L-T / PF-PA /Diff /%

Mildenhall 9-0-0 290-133 +157 1.000
London 3-1-1 82-67 +15 0.750
Voodoo 9-4-0 289-203 +86 0.692
Sharks 7-6-0 266-247 +19 0.538
Tanners 2-3-0 107-131 -24 0.400
Eagles 4-6-0 134-153 -19 0.400
Makos 2-10-1 203-307 -104 0.192
Dogs 1-7-1 84-214 -130 0.167

Teams in bold are currently eligible for the Finals. Teams must have played in 3 tournaments to qualify for the finals. Mildenhall, Leicester and North Devon have attended 2 tournaments, with London and Tanners having attended 1.

I’m going to update the stats sheet shortly but I need a couple bits of info first. In the Makos victory over the Eagles, who caught the 2 TDs? I have a feeling Luke Nash might have got one, but does anyone know for sure?

As ever, please leave your thoughts on yesterday in the comments section below.

See you Wednesday!

14 thoughts on “Strong Performances for Chichester Teams

  • Mike the Ninja

    I would like to say big congrats to my team mates on the Makos I thought we played some great football and unlucky on a couple of results.
    We also had loads of fun along the way its a pleasure playing with you guys well done Theirry, julian, JP, Matt, Luke, Rob, Mike, Ewan, Sean.
    Also well done to good performances from Sharks too.
    See most of you wednesday at training, bring on the next tournament.

  • Anonymous

    May I add my congratulations to everyone on the Makos? To come within a hair’s breadth of winning those two games was a real credit to your team. (I’m still reeling from Matt’s acrobatic goal-line catch in our 7-6 tussle!) Close results like that keep everyone sharp… and the fans on the edge of their seats, eh!

    Being a teacher, I will, predictably, have to say something about the difference between being aggressive as a general approach to both offence and defence, and losing control. That ‘red mist’ moment was undoubtedly the product of frustration and a laudable desire to win. Happily, no harm was done. However… having been the unwitting cause of serious injury to players of a variety of sports, both full and supposedly non-contact, I can honestly say that I still carry regret for limiting someone else’s ability to play the sports that I enjoy, or just to go to work on Monday morning. As I said, no lasting harm was done on this occasion, but it’s a misjudged approach that might have led to something more serious.

    I won’t be playing at the Voodoo tournament on 2 September, as I’m far too old to recover from the inevitable pulls and strains in time for Italy. I’ll try to attend the event anyway, and if the Makos are playing, I’ll be cheering you on. Play aggressive, but please don’t lose control, guys. (You can leave your homework on my desk, now.)


  • Anonymous

    thanks for the possitve comments and everything will be taken on board when we have a debreif of the tournie on note that i may add is that yes the mist does decend on occasions and i have always played the game on the verge but that is just me as most of the sharks and makos know.once the whistle goes and the game is over then im back to my mild mannered self.maybe it goes back to the kitted mentality.
    one of the people i would really like to thank is dave and his defensive coaching as we can see with the scores (tanners aside) our d was superb (without toby and billy the kid may i add).
    good luck to the guys playing for gb this weekend and lets get some people along wednesday (ignore the rain) and a good turnout at the weekend
    ps it was good old no11 who scored the 3rd against the eagles (maybe not so much of the old).

  • Anonymous

    Hey all, first up it was indeed #11 who caught the “missing” TD, second of all the desire to win does at times make my inner Red Mist take over, but as Sean has said whistle to whistle, leave it on the pitch and hold no ill feeling at the end of game.

    Great day though, really good standard of football from everyone!!

    Roll on the next tournament!!

    Any news on whats happening with the Voodoo bowl?


  • Shark 34

    I agree with Dayle, we’re playing this game for fun. It’s fantastic that everyone has such desire to win, which is obviously great for a competitive sport.

    But this is not kitted football, leaving it on the pitch and holding no ill feeling is probably easier for the person with the red mist than it is for the unsuspecting person who took the hit.

    It was great to see both teams supporting each other throughout the day. And what was especially great was the fantastic encouragement and excited emotion that was on display between Makos teammates throughout the game. Playing well together and believing that as a team you could win was so instrumental in the successes you experienced on Sunday.

    Thats the kind of positive behaviour that makes teams stronger and play better. Thats the kind of team atmosphere we want to carry into training and every tournament we play in.

    Lets focus on that going forward and leave the red mist back on the kitted fields of the past.

  • Shark 34

    For anyone reading the ESFL forum you will have seen that the Voodoo tournament is on 2nd Sept. However, with the GB team flying to the European Championships 10 days later, it has been recommended by their coaches that they do not compete due to the risk of injury (players are having to fund all their own travel and hotel costs also).

    So, it is really down to the players. As we have four GB players on the Sharks squad, it may be difficult to enter a Sharks team into the competition.

    There is nothing stopping the Makos attending however. If the Sharks do not compete I shall be attending to support the Makos as will other players I’m sure.

    I’ll contact the Sharks GB players this week and we can all discuss it on Sunday at training.

    On a personal note, I will not be able to make training on Wednesday night, as I now need to be in London for work during the day. For those that are going, have a good one – hope it stays dry!

  • Anonymous

    i arrive back england at about 11 on sunday so will try and catch the last bit of training but i will deffo be there on wednesday to get back onto the field Well done on the tournament everyone!!!!
    Billy #18

  • Mike the Ninja

    Shame about tonight training was keyed up for it have to watch corrie now. booooooooooooo!!!
    See you all on sunday for training.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Red Mist this is a sport played by “Senior” players isn’t it?

    No one was hurt so let’s just play ball!

    Bang Bang!

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