1-2 for Sharks in Hastings

Following an excellent day of competitive football last week in Leicester, the Sharks headed for a more relaxed environment in Hastings on Sunday, to compete in the Hastings Extreme Games.

The event organised by local governement funded ‘Active Hastings’, hosted a mini flag football tournament, in amongst other events such as 5-a-side football, skateboarding, basketball and kite buggying.

In addition to the Sharks, Hastings entered their two rookie teams – the Serpents and the Conquerors. With 15 players available the Sharks split into two teams – Sharks A, led by Thierry and Sharks B, led by Nick Watson, in his first guest appearance for the Sharks since his departure in 2004/5.

The lack of experience from the Hastings teams was evident with boths the Serpents and Conquerors being on the wrong side of some lopsided defeats by the Sharks teams. They were a determined bunch however, and put up a good fight throughout the day.

With a bit more training and development, both teams should be able to participate in the ESFL. To help them with this, we have spoken to their coach about inviting them to Chichester for a scrimmage or training and hopefully they’ll take us up on this offer.

I don’t have the scores for the day (anyone got them??) but the final table looked like this:

Chichester B – 3-0
Chichester A – 2-1
Conquerors – 1-2
Serpents – 0-3

We done to all that played Sunday. Special mention goes to Mike the Ninja, who had his best day of competion in a Sharks jersey – playing a blinder on Defense. Maybe a switch from his usual position on O is in the offing…?

Other defensive highlights include great plays by Billy, Toby and Ewan. On the O there were several sightings of Julian hauling in the catches, likewise some crucial catches for big gains for JP.

Unfortunately, most of those were against my Sharks A! Well done also for Thierry for shaking off the rust after a month or so out of training.

Anyone else have any comments to add? Please feel free to do so below.

(mike, do you have any team photos you could send me please? info@chichestersharks.co.uk)

8 thoughts on “1-2 for Sharks in Hastings

  • Anonymous

    good job guys well done to everyone who turned out.wednesday training this week lets have another good turnout.
    if you cant make wednesday lets get really good numbers for sunday the last one before our tournie so work to be done.lets get and do what needs to be done guys.see you tomorrow.sean11

  • Shark 34

    can people post here if they are training on Wednesday please?

    I will come if I am back from Brighton in time. Dayle is a no this week, so i guess no Arthur too.

  • Anonymous

    Hi all a good fun time down in Hastings on sunday, well played to all who went. Nicks put the scores of “Sharks B” up on “Seniorflag” but in case you haven’t seen them here they are:

    Sharks B 38-12 Conquerors
    Sharks B 32-2 Sharks A
    Sharks B 49-6 Serpents

    First of all I can do training mid-week but can we have a show of numbers early or else I’ll happily have a night off(my ankle would like it!) now back to the tournament.

    Mike- what a tournament he had played really hard and really well-Best performance I’ve seen out of him, maybe a switch from O to D?

    Toby- Here’s someone who is growing into his role, played really well nice couple of picks, keep it up!

    Ewan- Well this young man is going to break into the spot light very soon-nearly had a few picks, some great tackles and a few hits_ a baby Ronnie Lott crossed with Steve Atwater! (if you don’t know who there are, same on you and go look them up!)

    Arthur- Well is this man a fast learner or what?! Made several key catches, scored a few TD’s/ PAT’s and didn’t break any fingers from Nick’s passes! Not only this but looked strong on D too-although I loved the bumping and holding downfield, this may draw a penalty or two over the course of the rest of the season but play hard and see what happens. Great first outing in the Green and White.

    Sir Kirby- Well from now on he has to been known as the King of the take-away, began to blush in the last game with a total of 6 picks three in a row goign for TD’s! Aside from the last match played at his best throughout the day a threat on O and solid on D-King Kirby for the Hall?

    JP- Well I was loving the Ickey shuffle and he could of done this loads on sunday a great performance. JP is a great route runner and the rookie team just couldn’t cover him, he was making YAC on all the Gravy calls too- a sigh of a good wideout! Good being on the same side as this punk!

    Mr Watson- Seemed a bit unfair on the rookie teams to unleash this HOF but he did what he does best and torch a few if not all the secondaries with his long passes and laser guided bullet passes, great day from this old Shark. 15+ TD passes (even a few behind the back plays to me-to the dis-pleasure of Dayle!) Great HOF-like performnce.

    Me-not goign to blow my own trumpet(i’m not flexible for one thing!) but had a great time playing at center for the day scored about 6 times-happy days!

    Thank you to Merlin for comig along to saw a few bit s and pieces of Sharks A looked good, T that rust looks like it has definately started if not totally come off, Billy looked good out there too, Brokem Thumb was solid too-if I’ve missed anyone sorry, playing 3 games back to back meant we did miss your last game. Cheers all and please comment on what I’ve said here. Here’s to a few more fun days in the sunshine playing the game we love!!!


  • Mike the Ninja

    Hey Guys
    Great playing sunday enjoyed every match and the mud, not sure what happened to me sunday to play that well, maybe the old body still got something left in it. He He.
    I hope i will keep playing at that standard thanks for all the encouragement guys bring on the next tournment.
    yeah i be there wednesday night training, see you all there.

  • Mike the Ninja

    shame about the turnout last night, only four of us but we still had some fun and practice.
    heys JP hope you not still winded. He He He.
    see you all training on sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Yall 😀
    just saying well good by
    preety much as im away to menorca for 2 weeks on sunday gonna miss u lot and best of luck to on the tournament come on guys makos and sharks lets get some winds underneath our belts!!!!
    Hope everything goes okay and no fallouts etc.
    See you all soon enough
    Billy #18

  • Anonymous

    Just back from a week’s holiday in the Wye Valley. Arthur and I will be at training on Wednesday, and we’re both available for the Westergate tournament.


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