4 Sharks Make Great Britain Squad

Congratulations to the 4 Sharks that were select for the Great Britain yesterday.

Neil Henderson, Pete Steel, Dayle Kirby and Dave Lee were all chosen to represent Great Britain in September’s European Championships in Italy and the 2008 World Cup.

Here is the squad in full:

Ben Brady England
Josh Fellows England
Neil Henderson Scotland
Colin Jones Scotland
Dayle Kirby England(player/coach)
Andy Leane England
Dave Lee England
Kinda Mann England
David Mooney Snr Scotland (Cap)
Tim Smith England
Pete Steel England
Jimmy Thompson Scotland
Nick Watson England

Jamie Sinfeild Offensive Co-Ordinator
Mark Fletcher Defensive Co-Ordinator
John Scougall Trainer
Steven Maxwell Manager

Stuart McKay
Head Coach

9 thoughts on “4 Sharks Make Great Britain Squad

  • Mike the Ninja

    Congratulations guys on being selected for the Great Britain squad. thats a real credit to your training and hardwork. Sorry guys not there sunday very flued up all week had to miss many of my own classes. Cant be there wednesday got new martial arts club opening but will be back on sunday.
    Love the training and working with you guys. See you sunday have a good week.

  • Anonymous

    hey guys no one saying on the site that they cant make it on sunday so that means a good turnout the sun will be out so lets have a good session sunday.sean11

  • Mike the Ninja

    Yep no probs Sean i be there sunday just getting over this mystery bug thats doing the rounds.
    But i will be there really missed training see you guys on sunday for great training.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Guys,
    Can we try and get as many people along to mid-week training as it is a really good time and nice cool weather!!!! Who is up 4 it?
    Billy #18

  • Anonymous

    hey guys great turnout last week big thanks to dave for his d coaching.important for a good attendance this week. bring water its gonna be hotend.tournie next week if you are not going its still important to come and put the work in for the 12 august.sean11

  • Anonymous

    hey guys great turnout again today. good luck to the guys playing in the tournie next week. any of the guys not going to leicester we can still have a training session if we get enough.obviously it wont be as long as usual but if you wanna do it let either let me or julian know through this site of email/txt etc. not sure about arrangements for hastings but it cant do it coz its my neice’s birthday so gonna be the nice uncle.might be able to get along to training for an hour if its on. this makes 5th aug the only proper train session for everyone before westergate tournie on 12aug so we have got to make that a good one.sean11

  • Mike the Ninja

    Heys Guys sorry not there sunday, letting finger heal up almost better not broken after all. Phew!!!!!
    is there any training on wednesday i be there if there is?
    cant make sunday due to gradings, but anxious to get back training quickly. hope you all well i will keep checking for wednesday.
    cheers guys.

  • Anonymous

    I’m free on Wednesday, as it’s now my school’s holiday. What time?

    I’d also like to bring a friend to the Hastings event. He’s played kitted football for about 20 years, but this would probably be his first time playing flag. Any chance of getting him a game?


  • Shark 34

    Hi Dayle

    Bring the guy to Hastings if he is up for it. It’ll give him an idea of what its all about. If you can explain how it works and the rules beforehand, we should be able to get him on the field for a bit.

    I see the Hasting tournie as the equivalent to a preseason exhibition type game – everyone will get some time and the result doesn’t really matter.

    More the merrier 🙂

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