Wednesday Training ON

Enough of you expressed an interest last wednesday to train this week so please make sure you show up to make this worthwhile.

Also, anyone that wasn’t there, you are very welcome to come down this week.

6.30pm onwards

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Training ON

  • Mike the Ninja

    Heys Guys i will be there can only make this wednesday, then just sundays from now on. See you all there guys lets hope the sun stays out.
    Best wishes to everyone and stay fit, Go Billie in those pads from last week.

  • Anonymous

    sorry no can do wednesday, will be there at some point sunday but will be late. really im chickening out so billy doesnt kick my ass in pads again.sean11

  • Shark 34

    Guys, found out late yesterday that i need to be in London today (hence posting at 6.10am!) so will not be able to make it back in time for training.

    I have tried texting Julian but i am not sure he got my message. Julian has at least one ball, but i have the rest and the cones. If anyone needs any more they are in my garage and can be collected – just give me a call and I can make arrangements for the garage to be opened for you.

    Sorry about the short notice – see you Sunday

  • Mike the Ninja

    Hey Guys
    Sorry cant make tonight now, have martial arts business meeting later today.
    Hope you all train well, will see you all on sunday.

  • Anonymous

    Would Just like to say well done to every1 (4) People who turned
    up was a grear session despite the numbers cheers guys come on sunday woop woop! Billy #18

  • Anonymous

    hey guys come on lets have a good turnout next week i know its hard for guys to come every week but lets make a big effort. if you cant make it let us know on this site or txtin someone.if your injured just pop along and show your face.with the eagles tournie comin up we need to have an idea on numbers.believe it or not we do plan our training sessions and it can upset the plans if we dont get the numbers.after a great turnout at the last tournie when the weather was sh*t attendance has been down so now lets start over and get the numbers up.finally thanks to the guys who are turning up every week.sean11

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