The Big Chill – Tournament Report

Hands up who was happy to get home from the tournament yesterday?

Oh, that’s right, you’d raise your hand but your shoulder is still frozen from standing in the rain for 7 hours yesterday!

Aren’t you all glad we play in a ‘summer’ league?!

For anyone fortunate enough not to be in the Chichester/Westergate area yesterday, it was a bit wet. To say the least.

And our fortunes on the field were about as bright as the sky, with neither team racking up the victories they were hoping for.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, as despite the weather, both teams put in a spirited performance. Just looking at the score sheet, you can see some bright spots…

  • Makos put up 3 TDs on the Mayhem
  • Sharks lost by just a point against the new american team, London Warriors
  • Toby got his first touchdown – an interception return no less!
  • Luke put up some cracking runs, including a very looooooooong one against the Mayhem
  • Sean scored a TD (against the Sharks) – lets hope that doesn’t prompt another retirement!
  • Only 2 INTs for Thierry – and NINE TDs
  • 13 TDs for Neil, with 4 INTs
  • 3 TDs on the day for Luke and 2 for Matt on his Makos debut
  • 5 TDs for Pete despite only playing 2 games before injuring his back
  • 5 TDs for Lambo – 3 in one game against the Mayhem – 2 of them the length of the pitch

Those are just some of the headlines. But its more than just who scored what. Yesterday was a terrible day to be outside playing football, yet everyone played hard. It was an encouraging team performance. Well done to all that played.

The final scores:

Final Scores

Makos 22 – 44 Mayhem
Warriors 21 – 6 Voodoo
Mayhem 40 – 7 Voodoo
Warriors 25 – 24 Sharks
Makos 20 – 27 Sharks
Makos 6 – 12 Voodoo
Mayhem 19 – 7 Warriors
Mayhem 33 – 26 Sharks
Makos 18 – 29 Warriors
Voodoo 21 – 7 Sharks

Final Standings

Team W-L F A Pts +/-
Mildenhall 4-0 136 62 +74
Warriors 3-1 82 67 +15
Voodoo 2-2 46 74 -28
Sharks 1-3 84 99 -15
Makos 0-4 66 112 -46

I’ll update the league standings shortly. I’m also keeping track of the scorers, interceptors and sackers this season, so I’ll get on to update that soon and add it to the site.

Other things I noticed on Sunday

  • Hardest opposition hit: Pete getting level – illegally might I add – in the endzone on a PAT
  • Best Makos play: Luke scaring the bejezzus out of Mayhem by taking the lead with a very long TD
  • Best Sharks play: Either of the 2 long TDs that Lambo scored against Mayhem. They were good passes, but it was all Lambo weaving through the Mayhem defense
  • Muddiest patch of earth: inside the tent by the end of the day
  • Generous pass of the day: No, not Neil’s errant heave against the Voodoo that went back for a TD, but Luke organising a Tournament Trophy for the victorious Mayhem
  • Saving Grace of the Day: the hand dryer in the Gents. Enough said.

Anyone else got anything they’d like to add to that list? Leave your comments below please 🙂

Finally, thank you to our intrepid band of spectators for coming out to support us yesterday, and also to hobbled Mako, Steve, for helping with the organising and score and stats keeping.

Contrary to what some of you may have heard on Sunday, training is on this coming weekend, so hopefully we’ll see as many of you as possible there.

Have good weeks all, and please do leave some comments to contribute to this report.

10 thoughts on “The Big Chill – Tournament Report

  • Anonymous

    Wet? I was waiting for Noah to show up!
    The scores don’t do anyone justice, all teams and players put up some cracking performances.
    Those Warriors were a great new team to have turn up-taking it back to old days of car park football! At times it was like I had the pads back on!
    Did I tell you that in my first game for nearly 2 years I scored? No, well I did, great pass from the Frenchman to me in the middle, picked up a good block from Rob, bounced off the forearm to my chin from the blitzer then avoied a tackle for my first TD in nearly 4 years.

    Great day, got to play , got trench foot and a broken thumb-but it’s all football!!!!

    Wel played to the Sharks, hope all the injuries weren’t as bad once you thawed out.

    MakosI have to say I think we managed to hit nearly all of our targets, so here’s to our next tournament.


  • Anonymous

    in the words of Ray Lewis “pain is temporary no matter how long it lasts”
    hey toby we will do some work on the td celebrations, i dont do them coz im too surprised when i get there.sean11

  • Anonymous

    not enough just sort of jumped up and down then ran off the pitch without letting go of the ball, infact he might still have hold of it.sean11

  • Anonymous

    FROM TOBY: The great thing about having kids is that you can bore them senseless with your alleged exploits, and they’ve got no choice but to listen or they don’t get a bedtime story! Of course, by the time I’d got home, my TD had transfomed into an 80 yard weaving runback a la Dieon Sanders followed by a choreographed Ickey Shuffle (that shows my age) – perhaps it wasn’t that spectacular, but for me at least, it was worth getting wet. Now I’ve got the taste of blood, I want more! Well done to all who braved the flood, sorry for the shaky reffing against the Warriors Pete, next time i’ll eject the b*st*rd.

  • Shark 34

    ha ha, something tells me you’re not kidding about the slight embellishments to the kids!

    With one on the way myself I am seriouly considering how I can splicing ‘all’ those TDs of mine from the game tapes in with footage of Devin Hester returning kicks…

    “this is ya Pops, back in the day…”

  • Anonymous

    congrats gary didnt know.i think even though the ickey shuffle was great i wana see toby doin the ray lewis dance!!!!!how cool would that be.sean11

  • Shark 34

    cheers Sean, just starting to let people know.

    I’m not sure Toby doing any kind of dance is a wise idea in public!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Gary m8, i dunno tink we should give toby a try out at training see what his dancing skills are like:P see all of y’al at trainig
    Billy #18

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