1st ESFL Tournament of the ’07 Season

This Saturday, 7th April, sees the first tournament of the 2007 ESFL season. Hosted by Chichester, tournament takes place at the Six Villages Sports Centre in Westergate.

The tournaments kicks off at 11am and will see 6 teams competing. Joining the Chichester Sharks and Makos will be North Devon Dogs, Mildenhall Mayhem, Team Voodoo and the Leicester Eagles.

All Chichester players should aim to arrive for 10am to set up the pitch and warm up. Please bring a white and a dark game shirt, plus £1.50 towards the pitch hiring fees.

It seems like we’ve not had a tournament for ages, so this one should be fun. See you Saturday!

4 thoughts on “1st ESFL Tournament of the ’07 Season

  • Anonymous

    just a quick thanks to all the makos that played today, i can honestly say i couldnt have asked for more or be more proud of everyone and the effort put in.i am sure julian would echo these thought had he seen us. lets get everyone at training on sunday and work on the stuff that needs it. i will be late but will be there about 12ish.cheers sean

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone, would like to say thanx for lettin me play after not bein there for a while. All the makos played amazing well done lads. Luke

  • Anonymous

    can we change the link fastest shark known to man.i think it was me running away from the mayhem safety. pleasevtell me you were filming it gary i may never run that fast again.sean

  • Shark 34

    Sadly Sean, I was not filming that game. I’m not sure we could have used that on the site anyway – you looking like you were going to explode/pass out/die – would have scared away any potential new recruits!

    heck of a run though, he was a very quick, that was pure determination that got you over the goal line before he reached you.

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