Mid-week Throw Around

Further to Julian’s comment in the last post, the clocks will be changing shortly so we should be gaining a little extra light in the evenings.

If anyone is up for a throw around and maybe running through the playbook, let us know here. If numbers are good we can run some scrimages.

At the very least, we can run around a bit for fitness, which some of us need more than others!

14 thoughts on “Mid-week Throw Around

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys. I enjoyed practice on Sunday – it was good to test ourselves aganst a few unfamiliar players. I thought we did pretty well.

    Did anyone pick up my black jacket? I think i left it on the field (doh!) See you all Sunday.

  • makos sharks12

    HI IM NOT GOING TO BE AT TRAINING NEXT WEEK and please if some one have mi gray jumper can you bring it to me in 2 weeks ta .T

  • Anonymous

    toby, neil has got your jacket and he has also got your jumper theirry.good session sunday guys a bit different but good effot from everyone.i@m away this week so have good session and continue the good work.could we also have some definate numbers for the tournie on the 7th april.

  • Anonymous

    hey guys sorry i missed training.can we get really good turnout on sunday only 6 days before tournie, lots to work on not much fitness this week (do you believe me??????? wait and see).

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a good turn out so far guys! Could i hitch a ride with ny1 plz? how many teams in total are there cheers
    Billy #18

  • Shaun

    Hey guys, I’ll be there for the tourn. What time is kick off? what time do they normally finish? I got a poker tourn starting at 7 will i make it?


  • Anonymous


    I’ve got it. Took it home last week after you left it with whoever was wearing it. I’ll get it washed and have it for you at the tournie next week.


  • Anonymous

    Thank You neil some great scores with england it seems. See everyone on sat 4 a gd tournament

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