1st Tournament of 2007

The first tournament of 2007 will be a home fixture held at Westergate.

Please note the date is Saturday 7th April. Please check your availability and let us know if you’re able to attend.

More details to come later.

5 thoughts on “1st Tournament of 2007

  • Anonymous

    hey guys thanks to everyone that came along training today sorry i couldnt make it, will be back next sunday. cheers sean

  • Shaun

    yeah, im sorry i didn’t make it either… had a little bit of a situation… tho i will let you guys know that i will be working harder in the gym this week to make up for it.


  • Anonymous

    hey guys great turnout and session today, real improvements being made.if you found the running hard today work at it during the week, its eveyone responsibility to get a bit of fitness and it pays when you are playing both ways or back to back games trust me.lets have positive feedback on the numbers for the tournie to see if we can have 2 teams or just 1 combined.the clocks change in 2 weeks so i am thinking of starting a training session on thursday nights if we have enough people up for it.if there arent that many we could just do an hours fitness if some of you want.good work this week guys see you all sunday.sean

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