England Tri-Nations

This Saturday – 24th March – The England flag football team will be taking part in a Tri-Nations tournament with a team from Ireland and the USA. The event takes place in Billingshurst and starts at 3.00pm, ends at 5.30pm. Both Neil and Pete will be competing.

I will be going to film the games for the England team, does anyone else fancy going to watch?

According to Multimap, it only takes 33 minutes to get there, so not too far away. The venue is the Weald Recreation Centre, Station Rd, Billingshurst RH14 9RY. The ground is here

Let me know here if you want a lift or will drive up yourself. Once i know if anyone else is going, I’ll arrange a meeting place.

11 thoughts on “England Tri-Nations

  • Anonymous

    gary i will be up for it.will let you know for sure tuesday.might need a lift if thats at all poss.will be bringing mt camcorder, havent had a chance to use it yet so wana play with it.dont mind doin bit of reffin if needed.will email dayle when i know for sure that im gonna be there.

  • Anonymous

    yh sounds like good is it this saturday coming im confused :S nd will be needing a lift if that is ok? cheers guys and are we doing anyfink bout midweek training cheers Billy

  • Shark 34

    yes, it is this Saturday Billy. I’m happy to drive if people need a lift – depends on numbers.

    I think Dayle would be very happy if you able to ref Sean.

  • Anonymous

    Morning all, I may be up for some ref action on saturday too, let you know by txt mid week, still got room in the car?
    As for mid week training-it’s still a go for thursday at the mo, can anyone interested give me a n email or txt?
    Cheers all



  • Shark 34

    ok, two cars going. In mine I have me and Steve.

    Plus we need lifts for Julian and Billy.

    Anyone else going before i finalise arrangements?

  • Anonymous

    Action licks off at 12 noon on Saturday as the irish are coming over early so we hope to play on the grass and then on the turf from 3pm.

    I’m driving up but will have Pete (+poss his mrs) and Merlin.

    CU then.


  • Shark 34

    i’m planning on going around about 2pm for the 3pm matches.

    Billy and Julian, I am picking up my brother from Bognor. Where shall I meet you two?

    I can pick you up in Chi before i go to Bognor.

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