New Year – New Name

A couple of seasons ago, when the team started to grow, we formed a 2nd team of rookies. We dubbed them the Thespians in ‘honour’ of our town’s theatrical heritage (and no Billy, a Thespian is not a baby Shark). It was done in a jokey manner and is hardly a manly, fear-inducing moniker.

Over the past year or so, our approach and attitude has changed. Last year the team developed some bite and began challenging the first teams of our rivals.

With the drawing up of the new rosters and a new season nearly upon us, its time to give this team a new name.

It has been suggested that as we are all Sharks (and wear the shirts to prove it!), it might be a good idea to keep the new name shark related. And as its your team, we thought you’d like to be involved in the naming. So suggestions please?!

Here a couple to get you started (all types of Shark):

Tiger Sharks
Great Whites
Mako (maori for ‘Man-eaters’)
Dakuwanga (Fijian Shark god – ‘Eater of Lost Souls’!)

Add yours in the comments section below. Once we have enough, I’ll add a poll to the site so we can all vote.


15 thoughts on “New Year – New Name

  • sharks12

    Checklist of Living Sharks,for real

  • Anonymous

    okay personally i would go for makos, but put your opinion here. another good session today guys things really starting to take shape.dogfish isnt that a charater from neighbours.

  • Anonymous

    Hi all, so where are all the suggestions then?
    I would like to say well done to everyone for one of the best training sessions to date. Well done!
    So as I mentioned to all the Makos(My current favourite.) I’ve got the current playbook ready to emailed out. It has both O and D plays in it and will be what we use on sunday’s from now on to test each other’s strengths and weakness’!

    Please can you contact me when you get a minute, either via here or direct on my email (

    Cheers guys and lets have another sunday like last week to continue the progress of having the best TWO teams in the south!


  • Anonymous

    just got a e-mail through from members have until midnight on Sunday February 18 to register their interest in purchasing tickets for the game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants at Wembley Stadium on October 28th. so are we doing nything about the game? thx Billy

  • Anonymous

    i registered/applied for ticket the day it was announced. i applied for 10 with the thinking that i might not get them all and if did i wouldn’t have a problem getting rid of them.sean

  • Shark 34

    i went for 10 too on the first day. Its all up in the air about what happens next anyway. Likely to be an email sent to all members two weeks before general sale with a number to call. Then we hit the phones.

    Hopefully between us (think Ben registered 10 too) we can get enough tickets to cover those who want to go.

    We’ll start a list soon. In the meantime, register your interest Billy.

  • Anonymous

    FROM TOBY – I’ve also registered for 10, although the NFL says they’ve had over 100,000 requests for tickets, so maybe they’ll cut back the allocation – let’s all keep in touch when the time comes so we can get as many as we can together. As for the team name, according to wikipedia, the name for a baby shark is a ‘pup’ – so I think we can rule that one out! I like Mokos, as it’s a bit different, but also quite like the idea of the ‘Chichester Hammerheads’ – makes us sound like a bunch of nutters, which could be cool. TC

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering about that – do you think they’ll have segregated seating? I don’t think the NFL is used to hooligan British sports fans – and I reckon quite a lot of beers will have been downed by the 6pm kick-off. (I promise to try and behave, but its going to be soooooo exciting) TC

  • Shark 34

    I don’t think they will or can segregate. It won’t be a dolphins and giants crowd – it will be a crowd of 32 teams’ fans.

    It wouldn’t be possible to separate them even if they gave a section to each – though Toby, as the lone UK Raiders fan would have a whole section to himself!

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