Sunday Training

It would appear that our ‘landlords’ are not happy with us.

We have been asked by the college to keep off the grass or face ‘removal’ by security. This is obviously annoying as we’ve been there for quite some time – and had permission to do so. Until now.

So, this week we’re going to train at Oaklands Park in Chichester – next to the Festival Theatre. The only problem is that the Festival car is likely to be in use for the Chichester 10K race.

Therefore, lets all meet at 10.20am at our usual car park, pick up those that walk/get the train/bus and drive over to Oaklands and find somewhere to park.

If anyone has suggestions to a location – preferably in Chichester – where we can train on a regular basis and hold tournaments, please let me know.

see you all Sunday

3 thoughts on “Sunday Training

  • Anonymous

    hey guys sori didnt make it for all of tranin the teams are gona be sorted training will be different with new plays and practice. i hope you will all enjoy it and learn fromit. i know that if we carry on the way we aregoing it will all be good.all that julian and myself can ask is that you carry on doing what your doing.train hard win easy,sean

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