Drills Times by Player

Here are the times for each player recorded on 28th January 2007.

This is a good first showing from everyone, but with plenty of room to improve I’m sure. The next session will be held in 6-8 weeks time. So plenty of time to work on the speed and quickness.

6 thoughts on “Drills Times by Player

  • Shark 34

    yeah, and if i wasn’t running in a sudden head wind, I could have done my 40 in 4.4

    next time, i guess…

  • Anonymous

    that seemed like an extremely long 40 yards! I know we’re not NFL standards but surely we should be faster than that?


  • Anonymous

    good effort by everyone. remember nfl times are on astro not boggy outdoor ground.the aim is for everyone to improve over the next 6 weeks and this means working at it during the week (which a lot of you do) just remeber guys train hard win easy.sean

  • Anonymous

    I think the 40 yard dash was about 35 yards too far for my creaky old legs – but great fun anyhow. And i really enjoyed the rapid-fire catching drill, I’m looking forward to trying that again. I can tell this training regime is going to have a huge effect when we finally hit the field in a competitive game. I can’t wait. Keep up the good work guys, and cheers to Sean and Julian for all their efforts. see you all soon, Toby

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like everyone been putting alot of effort in at training whilst i have been away training with the england squad.
    For those who might be in the thinking that ill be getting away without doing those tests dont worry i will do them and record my times asap.
    well hope everyone is in good health and see everyone at training on sunday.
    Steel 84 aka The H.O.F

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