Final Four – the verdict

Well done to both teams that took part in the tournaments yesterday. Both teams played some good football over the course of the day, whatever the final results say.

For the Sharks we always knew it would be tough going up against the London Liberty in the Final Four semi-final. We’ve had mixed performances against them over the year and despite never beating them we have run them very close a few times.

So it was a shame that we rather quickly found ourselves in a 20-0 hole at halftime. This was despite a couple of good drives from ourselves – but unfortunately we couldn’t get the ball in the endzone. Andy came closest with an all out dive on a deep ball (below)

We did play much better in the 2nd half, scoring on a pass to Andy in the corner of the endzone and limiting them to only one other score, but it was obvious we were outplayed by a better team – a team that went on to convincing with the league title with a 40-18 score over the Barbarians in the final.

It was good to see the team bounce back later in the day against the 4 time Scottish champions, Kirkcaldy Bulls, beating them 12-6 in a friendly (TDs for Pete and Matt). That was a lot of fun and a good game to end the day and the season.

A special mention should go Andy Ifould’s sterling effort on his dash up field following a short reception on a Halfback Flare pass. I’ve never witnessed anything quite like it. Check out the video here.

(watch him carefully just before the guy walks in front of the camera…)

On to the Thespians. I managed to catch bits and pieces of your games yesterday and have to say I think you guys are really coming together as a team. I saw a lot of good passes, good hands and good running. The tackling was of its usual high standard too. I think you were unlucky with the results, but I’m sure they will come a lot quicker next year.

Well done guys.

We now take a two week break for Christmas and New Year. So rest up, don’t put on weight and we’ll see you back on the training field on the 7th January!

Have a good Christmas guys

5 thoughts on “Final Four – the verdict

  • Anonymous

    Oh Andy, I haven’t laughed so much in ages!!!! I think ‘The Mud’ definately put in an Oscar winning performance.


  • Shark 34

    Hi Ben!

    How’s it going in Italy?

    We missed your hands out there on Sunday (much like my hands missed the ball!).

    Hope you’re having a good time, that work is good and the Italian ladies are fine… 🙂

    Have a good Christmas mate,


  • Shark 34

    i assume that is Nick…?

    We only bothered with the important games. there was one other but don’t remember the score 🙂

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