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Time to put Pete ‘Man of’ Steel into the Hall of Fame!

It has become a tradition within the league to honour the great contributors to our game in an annual induction into the ESFL Hall of Fame. That time is upon us once again and I’m pleased to say that Pete has been shortlisted again.

Pete reached the final stage of voting last year, narrowly missing out to former Chichester QB Nick Watson. This year Pete joins the illustrious company of the following nominees:

Richard Cleveland (current ESFL Chairman, Bournemouth Raiders)
Justin Handley (former Shark, current Baba/’player’ for hire)
Dayle Kirby (Barbarians)
Ty Metcalfe (Voodoo)
Alan O’Sullivan (current ESFL Treasurer, Leicester Eagles)
Pete Steel (Chichester Sharks)

Only TWO from the above group will make it into Hall of Fame this year. So make sure you VOTE FOR HIM NOW!!

Don’t forget, you need to be registered and logged in to see the voting buttons. Register today – it takes no time at all.

Here is my nomination for Pete:

I would like to nominate Pete Steel. Having been in the league since 2002, I’m having a guess but i suspect Pete must be the league’s all time receiving leader for whatever category you care to look at – certainly for TDs.

Partnering with ESFL Hall of Famer Nick Watson for the early years and more recently Neil Henderson, Pete has been a consistent scoring threat for the Sharks.

His ability to score goes beyond the domestic game, as proved during his international performances.

He was also a shortlisted finalist for last year’s Hall of Fame.

Seconded by Ty Metcalfe from Voodoo:

I would like to second any motion to induct Pete Steele into the Hall of Fame. Having played with Pete in the Flag World Cup I have seen him play at a very high level. He has also represented GB, and is ever-present on the domestic front. His stats speak for themselves. His approach and attitude to the game is exceptional and mirror his talent level.

Plus from Justin Handley from the Barbarians:

I have voted Pete in every year and so the trend follows. He really is a superb player and sportsman, his attitude and determination make him (in my opinion) the best receiver in the flag league. Having had the pleasure to play with and against him, I can tell you that him remains to be the most awkward ******* to cover in the league. Love you Pete, keep up the good work bro.

and Richard Cleveland, ESFL Chairman:

Pete Steele…always the Offensive player to allocate 2 Defensive Backs to.

and former Sharks QB, Nick Watson:

Pete Steel – for all the reasons provided by Jut, ty and Gary.

and former Sharks defender, Sean Scutt:

(My) vote goes to Pete Steel – everything thats been said about pete so far is true, we all know he’s a deep ball threat but he makes the really tough grabs too, i’ve played with him and against him and he’s made me look good as a qb in training and look bad as a db as well. it’s even got to the point were you just have to wrap him up sometimes to stop him. no offence mate, you deserve this.

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