Turkey Bowl (West Ruislip) – Review

The (likely) final tournament to be held in West Ruislip, saw some great football but very, very bad weather. The Sharks had the misfortune of kicking off their first match against Voodoo in a torrential downpour, which pretty much set the tone of day and kept us wet and grumpy too.

The London Liberty, who hosted the tournament, are soon to be posted back to the States and so wanted one last home tournament before they swapped the drizzly grey skies of the UK for the glorious blue skies of Florida. They pretty much wanted to kick our butts too, which they managed to do going unbeaten on the day.

There was no G-TV camera crew available for this tournament so I don’t have the luxury of giving you a blow by blow account of our fortunes and misfortunes. However, what I can tell you is that I was pleased that we could yet again enter two teams in a tournament – still the only team able to do that on a regular basis.

I’m sure all you guys on the Thespians see the value in getting significant game experience – the wins did not come this time, but there was plenty of evidence that you guys played hard despite the difficult conditions and I’m sure success will follow next year.

Likewise for the somewhat depleted Sharks teams, we didn’t have to attend Sunday but we fielded a team and put in a good showing despite the rain. The results would have been even better if not for the highly dubious TD from Devon…but lets not get into that again…!

Here is the final table from the day (waiting on actual scores):

1. Liberty…………5-0………100….18
2. Dogs……………3-2-1…….31…..33
3. Team Voodoo……2-2-2…….88…..47
4. Sharks………….2-2-1…….42…..39
5. Reading…………1-3………12…..72
6. Thespians……….0-4……….0…..64

It was an odd format on the day (Double Elimination), which I don’t think was particularly popular, hence the varying number of games per team.

The good news – Sharks qualify for the Final Four!

Our overall record on the year puts us in 3rd place in the league standings. This means the semi final draw is as follows:

Chichester vs London
Leicester vs Barbarians

The winner of each game will play in the final for the title of League Champion.

The finals are to be played at the Beach Bowl on the 17th December in Westgate. The Thespians will also be involved in the separate tournament for all other teams attending on the day.

Well done to everyone who played on Sunday. Hopefully see you all at training this week. Please feel free to leave your comments on Sunday below.

5 thoughts on “Turkey Bowl (West Ruislip) – Review

  • Anonymous

    It was a tough day for the Thespians on Sunday. Although I’m sure we all enjoyed it – I know I did – I think there was also a frustration we hadn’t made as much progress as we had hoped from the previous tournement, especially on offense. But let’s not get downhearted, I know there’s a lot of talent in our team, and if we stick at it, and keep pulling together as a team, then it’ll start to click. Onwards and upwards, see u sunday guys.

  • Anonymous

    It was nice that all the Thespians hung around and watched the last Sharks game(s) so we could travel back together, and said goodbye!!! 🙁


  • sharks12

    dont want to sound to depresse but i defenatly have a shit day .so mutch argument it was a joke . thats why we left early.
    i not a babysiter its realy pissing me off .sorry for the one who were cool. to be the QB its not as easy as it sounds when some people dont listen. see you on sunday .

  • Shark 34

    chin up Thierry, it was a tough day. Horrible playing conditions that didn’t make it easy for anyone.

    Its worth remembering Thespians, that playing this game isn’t all about how many catches, scores or tackles you make but how you play as a team – how you work together – to achieve your goals.

    Consider what you think of as success? Catching the ball and scoring or running your route correctly and drawing the defender away to make it easier for your QB to get the ball to a team mate?

    There is no difference. Each role will help your team win. Do not argue with each other, do not demand the ball. Play your role.

    I have gone whole games without having a ball thrown to me – and i haven’t realised until it was over. And those have been some of my best games. Because I helped the team win by running my route.

    The same applies on defense. Don’t criticise a team mate for missing a tackle, use your energy to ensure you get to the ball quickly and cover their back.

    Its a team game. Play like one.

    Come on guys, lets have two more good weeks of training before we head to our last tournament of the year at the Beach Bowl. Learn from your previous tournaments and end the year on a high!

  • sharks12

    well said Gary u said it all. listen to the people with experince Thespians. team sport, united ,(all for one ,one for all)the way to win

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