G-TV Presents…Chichester vs Chatham

OK, so it took a while, but one small cable off ebay later, I’ve finally been able to edit the first video from the Halloween Bowl – Chichester vs Chatham – the battle of the Sharks (though we know is the original…).

For the first time I left every play in there – so you can watch the whole game uninterrupted. It has bit of everything, 3 scores on O and great D – check out how few completions they make – great work guys.

Here it is.

The rest will have to wait until I’m back from the Big Apple. Go Bears!!

2 thoughts on “G-TV Presents…Chichester vs Chatham

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    heyas guys billy again does ny1 no how were getting up there as it less than a week away and havent heard nout if u can can u ring me on 01243 670029 as i havent got my mobile thankyou write back asap thx billy

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