Road to Final Four – Update

Here is an update from the league on the Final Four…

Following the Halloween Bowl, the top four look to have cemented their positions in the Final Four end of season English Championship. Only the London Liberty emerged from the tournament with more wins than losses, though they remain in second place behind the Leicester Eagles who went 2-3 at Halloween Bowl. Leicester still lead the way with a win/lose % of 76.

The Barbarians had to pull out half way through Halloween Bowl due to be short of players after injury, and went 0-4, and dropped from 3rd to 4th in the overall league standings. They have been replaced in 3rd place by the Chichester Sharks.

Team Voodoo and the North Devon Dogs still have a shot at a Final Four place and will have to perform at Turkey Bowl, and rely on the Barbarians to slip up.

Tie break procedure

Final positions in the league will be:

1. Win/lose percentage
2. Win/lose percentage in games between the tying sides
3. Average points scored in all games
4. Average points scored in games between the tying sides

Interestingly, the Babarians’ drop, whilst moving us up the table, actually means we are now on target to play London Liberty in the Semi final of the Final Four! 4th place would give us a match up at the Eagles.

All to play for at the penultimate tournament at Ruislip on 3rd December.

Note: the Ruislip tournament was due to be played on the 26th November – it has now been moved back to 3rd December.

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