Thespians Match Report

Following their good showing at the Voodoo tournament this past weekend, Thierry has written a match report for their four games.

From the Spinning Frenchman himself…

‘Hello sports fans. On Sunday 29th of October the new Thespians team played their best tournament result so far. Scoring two touchdowns and winning a game (granted the win was by forfeit) but it’s the win that counts; we also had a tie against Voodont – who went on to win every other game they played up until Voodoo, but I don’t know what happened there. The grounds for the tournament where brilliant, there were changing rooms, toilets, somewhere to buy food and a place to stock up on football gear from MH football shop, which had a table beside the grandstand. It was by far the best organised tournament I had seen, with the team captains getting a ‘team managers brief’ and a list of the games the teams had to play.

The game against Voodont was also where we scored our first touchdown from a beautiful interception from our quarterback Thierry. He made the interception back behind our safeties and ran it up the field for a touchdown, dodging the Voodont offensive line with what he likes to call ‘that spinny thing’. The game continued to go well for us, holding off a number of tries to get in our endzone. And it wasn’t until the dying minutes of the first half where a mixture of talent and our over confidence let the Voodont score their first touchdown of the day. The score for the game ended 6-6, our first draw and points on the board this season – go Thespians!

Our second game was against the Dogs, where we did our best to hold off an experienced team with our less experienced team. With some good defence from our front line all lining up on the seven yards to confuse the Dogs as to who would blitz the quarterback with Jamie and Rob doing their best to sack the Quarterback.
Unfortunately it was to no avail, but this did provide us with a confused opponent making them easier to predict.

With the offence providing steady ground making from Garfield and Lambo and the running of Nash and not forgetting the great performance from Toby, who even had time to juggle the ball for one pass, we made it close to the end zone. With Garfield on the left and lambo on the right Thierry throws his pass and unfortunately due to a cock up on someone’s route the ball was fumbled – you know who you are! In the end we only let in two touchdowns the final score was 12-0.

Due to the Barbarians pulling out of the tournament we no longer had to play them, which put us in high spirits, giving us a win on the score board. We beat them 14-0 according to the board, which was just perfect by us.

For our final game of the day we played the Voodoo. In the opening minutes of the game we had a touchdown scored against us by Speedy Gonzales himself, number 88.
We were going all guns when Thierry gets another great interception and as he runs, he gets tackled and falls to the floor in a gangly mess. Lambo and Mike carry our injured captain to the side lines, where he had a bit of a sit down. Lambo picks up where Thierry left off and throws a beautiful pass all the way down the field for Luke, who unfortunately missed catching the ball by a hairs breadth (please remember running’s good, catching is better). Lambo throws again and after making our way to just outside Voodoo’s well defended end zone, he managed to get a short pass to Garfield just inside the line(nice hands Mr Garfield). We then held them off for another two drives, but when the final seconds came a calling the Voodoo sent another ball 88’s way. Mike, from the other side of the field, runs and slides to catch his flags before the whistle blows – hell yeah. Final score 20-6 to Voodoo.

Thanks to all the Thespians for an incredible performance and high spirits for the whole day. And if the Thespians keep up this talent, hell, we might even give the Sharks a run for their money – oh and well done Ewan for not getting hit in the face!’

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  • Anonymous

    Great report Thierry… I just want to say how great it was to play competitive football again after 14 long years (yes, I am that old!) I thought the Thesps played great all day on Sunday, and showed a real a hard-nosed competitive attitude. None of our opponents could cut through us at will, and they had to play at their best, and rely on our rare lapses of concentration to get past us.
    The defence was really solid and, as many of our opponents noted on the sideline, Michael put in a massive display of tackling.
    On O, we all made some good plays, so if we continue to train hard, and string it all together in one drive, we can definitely start racking up the touchdowns.
    I can’t wait for the next tournament – Bring it on!

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