Voodoo Flag Football Tournament – Sunday 29th Oct.

Here are the details for Sunday’s tournament in Andover.

The tournament kicks off at 11am so we’ll need to leave the car park at 9 a.m. This gives us enough time to meet up with Neil, get to the ground and have a warm up before the fun starts.

Teams attending (confirmed):

Team Voodoo
Mildenhall Mayhem
London Liberty
Chichester Sharks
Chichester Thespians
Chatham Sharks
Leicester Eagles
North Devon Dogs

Teams interested but not confirmed:

South Wales Rebellion
Fen Harriers
Team Berkshire

We will be entering 2 teams – line ups to be confirmed on the day. Please ensure you bring a white shirt and a dark shirt for games.

Also bring a few quid as there will be a £10 fee per team, plus a caterer onsite.

Those of you first-timers to competition days, bring food, drink, waterproof coat and a change of clothes also.

IMPORTANT: we need several cars to get us all there. Its only a 1 hour journey, so even the older cars should make it. Please do not rely on someone else to drive otherwise we may have to leave some behind – bring your car if you can.

Its going to be a good one guys, see you all Sunday!!

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