Season Update from the League

Recently the league reviewed the currently state of the standings on the league website. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is in full:

Road to the Final Four

24th August 2006

After eight months of the 2006 ESFL season, the road to the Final Four is now becoming clearer. With teams needing to play in three ESFL qualifying tournaments to become eligible for the “Final Four” tournament, we now have six qualifying sides, with the prospect of at least two more (North Devon Dogs and the Chichester Thespians) becoming eligible over the coming weeks.

The top four sides from the qualifying sides will then proceed to the Final Four competition where they will playoff for the ESFL Championship at Beach Bowl VI on Sunday 17th December in Southampton.

Leading the way, and pretty certain now of a place at the Final Four competition, is the Leicester Eagles who have won 13 from their 16 matches to give them a very impressive 81% win/lose ration. In second place are the London Liberty with a 73% ratio from 17 matches. The Liberty also have a very strong chance of making the final four.

Currently in third place are the Barbarians, competed in their third tournament of the season at West Sussex last weekend and have a ratio of 71% from their 12 matches. The final place is currently occupied by the Chichester Sharks with a 61% ratio from their 19 matches.

Team Voodoo, who have played at every tournament this season, are fifth place but hold just a 25% winning ratio, and the Bournemouth Raiders bring up the rear with just one win from their 9 matches. The only danger to the Chichester Sharks and the Barbarians appear to be the North Devon Dogs who hold a 56% winning ratio from their 8 games, but crucially they have only competed in two tournaments so far this season. That should all change next month when they host Dog Bowl II in Barnstaple, where they will join the list of qualifying teams for the Final Four.

The last qualifying tournament for the Final Four is expected to be Turkey Bowl II on the 26th November in Ruislip, and following this tournament the schedule for the Final Four competition will be announced.

So good news for the Sharks. We currently occupy the last slot in the final four – so we just need to keep playing well and keep ahead of the Dogs.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary,
    I know you’re probably busy but I was wondering if there’s any chance of uploading some of the footage from the Westergate tournament?

  • Shark 34

    I’ll try and do some over the course of the weekend. Shouldn’t take as long now i know what I am doing.

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