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Man, that last game was tense! I’m still buzzing from it the next day. What a way to beat the Babas.

I watched the tape last night, and guys, that last drive of ours was perfect. Good play calling Neil, good choices, well done all receivers for catching everything and a huge back slap to Ben for a great catch over the Baba defender’s head for the TD. We pulled it out the bag when we needed it most.

Which leads me on nicely to the D’s ‘Last Stand’. Well done guys, goal line stands in flag are next to impossible, but you stopped them again and again. Dayle was on fire on that drive. The QB went to him on every play and he caught them all, running and sprinting all the way down to our 5 – but no further. A great bat down from Andy in the corner springs to mind. As does the crunching ‘tackle’ from Adam!

Well done all, it was a great game. And despite the Liberty game, it was a great tournament. We all played well. 3-1, not a bad result, and it certainly helps us in the league standings.

Now a word or two about the Thespians. I think you all showed balls yesterday just by turning up to compete. You knew you would be playing some good, experienced teams and you volunteered anyway. You all showed progress too. I remember one drive you had where you put it all together and moved decisively downfield, everyone catching, everyone running their routes, only to fall short of the endzone by half a yard. Next time you bang it in.

I do have plenty of video highlights from yesterday, but as I am off on holiday Wednesday I may not have time to do them before I go. I’ll sort something on my return – the same with a newspaper report.

Here are the results and standings on the day:


Sharks 27 Thespians 0
Barbarians 40 Thespians 0
Liberty 26 Voodoo 0
Sharks 19 Voodoo 6
Barbarians 7 Liberty 7
Voodoo 26 Thespians 0
Liberty 37 Sharks 6
Barbarians 19 Voodoo 14
Liberty 29 Thespians 0
Sharks 7 Barbarians 6

Final Standings

1st Liberty (3-0-1) points for: 99 / points against: 13
2nd Sharks (3-1) points for: 59 / points against: 49
3rd Barbarians (2-1-1) points for: 72 / points against: 28
4th Voodoo (1-3) points for: 46 / points against: 74
5th Thespians (0-4) points for: 0 / points against: 122

Well done guys. I won’t be at training on Sunday, but it’s still on. I shall see you in a fortnight.

P.S. Those playing fantasy football, don’t forget to read the rules and rank your players before the draft!

6 thoughts on “Tournament Results

  • Anonymous

    good job yesterday guys great marks thespians you played with for the goalline stand at the end just shows that d wins games.mind you i think the babas centre got over the line for a game winning td.hey if big ben was over the line in the superbowl then it was definately a score.only joking guys well last thing only old guys play centre.see you on the field soon.come on you bears.
    cheers sean11

  • Shark 34

    cheeky git. Speak for yourself old man, I’m just hitting my prime.

    I’ve checked the tape and this mysterious center of yours was closer to your own endzone than ours 😉

    If you want tips on snapping the ball, Sean, you know where to come.

    Too right, Go bears, Superbowl here we come.

  • Anonymous

    well done every one for turning up for the tournament, think felix was the only player not there!

    A good improvement from the D over the last tournament shows what we can do when we have the starting line up available, capped off with a great performance against the babas to end the day on a high.

    Though i think we all know it wasnt all good we have to stop liberty before their heads get to big ( to late!!) cant wait to see the film of that game to see what went wrong.

    finally thespians, well done for not letting the results get to you, for you its all about getting experience and you certainly got alot of that on sunday! i didnt see much of your games due to helping ref on the other games, but i do remember seeing michel making alot of good tackles with an evil look in his eyes! well done!!


  • Shark 69

    raaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this game wanna another tournie now grrrrrr some great catches guys and some awesome d fellas good game and what a game against babas wooooooooooooo

  • Shark 34

    Cowboys for SuperBowl, Mr Cameraman…you’re having a laugh. Bledsoe won’t last the season and T.O. has already been fined…its starting to unravel already!

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