Ruislip Tournament 9th April

Hi All

This sunday we’ll be travelling to Ruislip near London for a tournament hosted by the London Liberty (formerly UA).

Kick-off is at 11am. The journey takes about an hour and a half, depending on traffic so I suggest we depart the usual car park at 8.30am.

Here is a map of where we need to end up.

I suggest however, we head up in convoy. Neil, I guess you’re driving? And Matt volunteered too – will your car make it with 4 passengers?

Is anyone else coming that hasn’t told me yet? We have 7 players but it would be good to have more.

For those that are coming, bring a dark game shirt plus a few quid for the referees (this is not a bribe, just paying for their efforts!).

See you all Sunday morning bright and early.


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