Sharks gone to the Dogs

No, not Devon, the real dogs…

Sean has suggested that we arrange a night out for the team – anyone up for it?

His suggestion was going to the Dogs in Portsmouth or out somewhere for a meal. And not just a p*** up either! Maybe even something where other halves could come if they want to (or if they exist!)

Post your interest below – preferably with a suggestion of where we could go and any dates that might be ideal.

Just nobody tell Jut… 😉

One thought on “Sharks gone to the Dogs

  • Anonymous

    hey guys small change of plan.been to portsmouth greyhounds to have look and its a bit of a dump.
    what about bowling in chichester followed by munchies in either smith and western or benny and frankies or somewhere simular.
    thought this might be quite good because easy access for choo choo train if any of our fine athlete fancy a wee booze.let me know what you think and we will get it arranged next week.cheers sean

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