Take the W0nderlic Test

Those of you that follow the off-season of the NFL know that we’re getting very close to the annual Draft of top college prospects. Each year every aspect of the players are measured with meticulous detail – everything from the 40 yd sprints to number of bench press repetitions.

One other test they do is called the W0nderlic test, which measures the intelligence of players and their ability to process information. It’s out of 50 and very few players tend to get above the 30s. Its not uncommon for quarterbacks to score highly in the test, due to their need and ability to run offenses and read defenses.

The controversy this year is that QB Vince Young, one of the projected top picks in April, apparently scored a measly 6! Now this is not an incredibly difficult test – the questions range from easy through to complex, so even the most cerebrally-challenged jock should make it to 10.

The questions are kept secret but ESPN have put together a shortened 15 question version of typical questions. Even skimming the list I still managed 13 – so does this make me at least twice as intelligent as a top NFL QB prospect??

Where is my multi-year contract with $20 million dollar signing bonus?

Take the test yourself here.

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