UA Flag Tournament, West Ruislip

Well done all the guys who attended Sunday’s tournament in Ruislip – it was a long, physical day and I think we should be pleased with our performance.

For those not in the know, we drew an unfavourable schedule that resulted in a 2 and a half hour wait between Games 1 and 2, then 3 back to back games to win the group and advance to (but unfortunately not progress past) the quarter-finals.

Results on the day were:

Chichester Sharks 35 – 0 Bournemouth Raiders
Chichester Sharks 0 – 6 UA2
Chichester Sharks 19 – 6 Fen Harriers
Chichester Sharks 0 – 20 Eastbourne Crusaders

Congrats to UA2 for taking the title on the day and a special mention to Eastbourne for reversing their fortunes and making it to the final.

The six Sharks in attendance were:

Neil Henderson
Gary Robinson
Pete Steel
Ben Pulleybank
Sam Coakley
Julian Simms

All mucked in on O and D – and considering there was only 1 regular defensive starter among us, I think we did pretty well points wise (lets ignore the last game – it was getting dark and we were knackered after 3 games in a row!). Good scheming Julian.

Highlight Reels

* Sam caught his first TD for the Sharks – the man has found his hands! Well done Sam.

* Ben didn’t break any bones

* Neil’s play calling against Bournemouth – did anything not work? Arrows worked a treat – could I have had any more room on the right of the field???

* With the fear of calls of ‘G-TV’ ringing out, I have to just say this once as I expect this will be the only time I’ll ever be able to say it:

Who is the Sharks leading scorer for the 2006 season with 3 TDs and 2 PATs?

Hell yeah, its the boots – feel free to give them a shine when I next run past you 😉


* Me, being chased down at the Bournemouth 10 after running the arrows from our own 10. In my defence, I had to be 14 or 15 years older than the kid…!

Hit of the Day

Imagine the scene, its the end of the Eastbourne game, we’re tired, about to get knocked out of the competition and we want to go home. Eastbourne are driving inside our 10 yd line. They run a sweep to the right, the RB avoids a tackle and sprints into the endzone. From out of nowhere, a blur of green and white, head down, smacks into the scorer pummeling him into the ground. Looks like Julian has gone and done it again…

Who then should reappear from the pile on the ground? Good old Pete Steel! Who would have thought he had it in him…?

Nice stud marks on the RB’s chin by the way Pete…

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