Shark Bowl – Madden 2006 Tournament

For all you eagerly chomping at the bit (Merlin), here are the rules to which the Shark Bowl 2006 tournament are to played.

Tournament rules:

Quarter length:

* 5 minute quarters.

(All matches will be played with accelerated clock on.)

Skill Level:

* All games will be played on All-Pro setting

* All sliders are set to the in-game defaults.


* Precision-Passing can be turned off by an individual.

* Any team’s playbook can be used and not your chosen team’s default.

* Trash Talking is not a problem in this league-so bring it on!!!

* Pausing the game without a justifiable reason with result in a penalty.
(Delay of game-Offensive/Offside-Defence – Penalty to be decided by a 3rd party.)

* Un-sportsman-like conduct, such as attempting to disrupt your opposition by ‘shaking the screen’ will be penalised as above.

Draft Day:

All owners are to submit a list of their 5 Franchise players from the default roster.
These players will be selected to their roster prior to a random draft-taking place.
After the draft owners will be given a copy/access to their roster and may propose trades with the other league owners up to the first round of matches.

Once the final list of players is sorted (let Julian know if you haven’t already), a schedule/dates/times etc will be released.

13 thoughts on “Shark Bowl – Madden 2006 Tournament

  • Merlin

    Sorry to be a thicky!, but I’m not really understanding the draft?
    Any chance somebody could give me a call on the phone please.
    (Ben has my number)

  • Anonymous

    Right to clear this draft up, you can choose 5 players from your chosen teams roster then the rest of your team will be drafted at random. this was the original plan but withh a few people no longer looking like they’l be competing the draft may be dropped.If you can choose your 5 players in case though. Hope this helps.


  • Merlin

    Which teams have been chosen?
    I’ll have the Colts if there available, and my 5 players will be,
    QB = P.Manning
    RB = E.James
    WR = R.Wayne
    WR = M.Harrison
    DE = D.Freeny

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have the Panthers if it’s still ok.
    I’d like:
    QB Jake Delhomme
    WR Steve Smith
    DT Kris Jenkins
    MLB Dan Morgan
    SS Mike Minter

    Matt Williams

  • Anonymous

    Cheers guys for the chosen players thus far. For anyone out there who wants to play but hasn’t got their ass into gear and made their selection yet-come on the clock is ticking to the deadline!!

    If you need to bring your selection on sunday in person or txt it to me.


  • Merlin

    I’ve forseen a problem?

    What happens if Madden 2007 comes out before this Bl**dy thing get’s started 🙂
    Whats the hold-up?
    It’s a GAME, do you want to PLAY or not?…Jeesh!
    I feel much better now…soz 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Keep your pointed hat on-Mr England coach!!

    Was giving people upto SuperBowl sunday to get themselves sorted(this point was made at a Sharks training session.) weekend of the 11th(after England training.) is looking like the date at the moment. Will confirm after this sunday.


  • Merlin

    At a “sharks” training session,
    Hmm….I see a flaw in your logic!
    My cystal ball was being cleaned!

  • Merlin

    Hi guy’s.
    After talking to julian yesterday I would like to invite the 3 players(4 with me) to my place on the 18th, for the Madden Bowl.
    We could pick our teams, draw to see who plays who, winners to the final, losers 3/4th play-off.
    What do you think?
    Let Julian know and we can cancell or confirm…..lets get it on!!

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